The Cost of Dependency

first_imgThe People’s Republic of China has been very generous to Liberia. They built and later rehabilitated the S.K.D Sports Complex; they resumed and completed the new Health and Social Welfare Ministry Building.They have given US$10 million to revamp and expand the Monrovia Vocational Training Center (MVTC).  In the biggest assistance initiative of all, they have pledged US$60 million to build a ministerial complex to house the government’s ministries.  But this important project has been stalled because of the quarrel over location.  That, believe it or not, relates directly to the theme of this editorial–the cost of dependency.What do we mean?The Chinese insist on visibility and the Liberian government seems to want to please this totally unnecessary wish.  Monrovia is a relatively small city, where nothing can hide.  First, they wanted the complex built at ELWA compound right on the Robertsfield Highway. Because of the controversy that it provoked, the government started leaning to the most logical and suitable place for the complex, the Buzzi Quarter area, which is next to the center of power—the Legislature, Executive Mansion and the Temple of Justice.  The people there said they welcomed the ministerial complex in their area and were willing to be relocated. No, the government changed again, saying they wanted to locate the complex at Peace Island.  But the thousands who reside there, mostly non-combatants and their families, say they are not moving anywhere.Why the government feels it has to answer to whatever the Chinese want beats most Liberians; but GOL feels that this is part of the cost of dependency, forgetting that we are a sovereign nation and those who want to help us should do so on our terms, not their own. But dependency often breeds subservience, though it does not have to be that way.Another tangible indication of the cost of subservience is the attitude of the Chinese in Liberia.  Many of them feel they can do anything here and get away with it.  Many are involved in petty trading, which should be the exclusive preserve of Liberians.Last week en route to Sinoe, the President herself saw Chinese gold miners preparing for mining operations, even though they had not yet secured a license for that.  They were even mining sand in the Cestos River, undermining the free flow of the river and endangering the structure of the Cestos Bridge.President Sirleaf was incensed by this and ordered an immediate halt to the Chinese operations.  She was gentle with them; she could have ordered their arrest, since they were violating the law, for which country can one enter and start mining gold without first obtaining an official permit to do so?But this is part of the cost of dependency.  Some Chinese feel that because their country is helping Liberia, they can come here and do anything and get away with it.That is why Liberians should work harder at everything they do, be more creative, more patriotic and strive to make our country stronger and more self-reliant.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

And So They Came

first_imgA few years before the slaughter, Doe could remember that the country had been awash with anguish and anger. There had been much criticism about the practices of the ruling True Whig Party (TWP) and the Tolbert-led government, made largely up of Americo-Liberians, or Congo people. These were thought to be of lighter complexion, many of them crops of American colleges and universities, and more educated than ordinary Liberians. One account was that ever since independence they had dominated the country and the disparate ethnic groups that made up the bulk of the population. Although Tolbert had started a program to bring more indigenous, or country people, into the government, many Americo-Liberians had been dissatisfied, accusing him, as it were, of “letting the peasants into the kitchen.” Thus while the ordinary people, the educated ones especially, who could have been appointed to government positions but were still seen as backward, considered the changes made by Tolbert as occurring too slowly, many Americo-Liberians felt it was moving too fast. Then came the rice riots of April 14, 1979. President Tolbert, along with his Finance Minister Florence Chenoweth, had increased the price of rice and the nation’s staple food, leading to outcries throughout the country. It had been twenty dollars for a one hundred pound bag of rice and would now be raised to twenty-six. One story was that the Tolbert and Chenoweth families were in possessions of huge rice farms, primarily stood to gain large amounts of income from the price increase, and many saw this as a self-serving gesture. The Progressive Alliance of Liberia (PAL), led by Liberian university professor, Gabriel Bacchus Matthews, and economist Tobga Nah-Tipoteh (then Rudolph Nah-Roberts), had called for a peaceful demonstration. Before long, they were joined by thousands of “back street boys.” There had then followed a wave of looting and plundering. Police and soldiers were sent to suppress the riots. Met with an ever-increasing state of lawlessness, they had responded by firing live bullets into the crowd, turning everything upside down. President Tolbert had then turned to his ally and fellow Guinean counterpart, Ahmed Sekou Toure. In response, Toure had dispatched hundreds of Guinean troops to Liberia. But the Guineans had done only so much as to pour gas on the flames and were believed to have raped and tortured a number of the protesters. By the time the rioting ended the country was estimated to have lost about 60 million dollars in private property.Samuel Doe could recall that the very day following the rice riots, President Tolbert, looking traumatized and upset, had spoken with hundreds of soldiers in the yard of the Executive Mansion. Bearded, disheveled, dressed in his nightgown, the president’s had quivered as he spoke, his voice the sound of a man talking with his mouth full of water. With him were some of his cabinet ministers, many of whom would be killed in the few days that were to follow. Their knees knocking together, they had all looked suspiciously at the armed soldiers in front of them, suspecting that a plot had already been hatched to topple the regime. When President William R. Tolbert ended his speech – a monologue that lasted for almost three hours – many of the soldiers had left convinced of their own importance and that the days of the Tolbert regime were numbered. Back at their Barclay Training Center barracks, Samuel Doe had broached the subject, making particular emphasis on the President’s apprehension. Doe had told the gathering that Tolbert’s uneasiness was a clear and evident signal that he was aware of his own dismal failure and could therefore not be trusted to run the country any longer. Hundreds of soldiers had applauded, rallying around Doe. Their pulses throbbing, thoughts of hijacking the rice riots left them as though possessed.That had then led to the April 12 coup d’état of 1980, which saw seventeen noncommissioned officers, led by Samuel Doe, entered the Executive Mansion. Tolbert was killed. Doe had then announced over state radio and television the entrance of the People’s Redemption Council (PRC).After a 1985 presidential election considered fraudulent by international observers, he had ascended the steps to the presidential palace. And now it would no longer be as an obscure AFL soldier but as Master Sergeant Samuel Kanyon Doe, President of the Republic of Liberia. Whether he had rigged the election was no longer an issue. He was, of course, being backed by the United States of America, which after the Cold War had emerged as a world superpower. Besides he could recall that the days during his presidential campaign his supporters had gone cheering and singing: Who you voting for? Doe!Who you voting for? Doe!Who you voting for? Doe But years later that same crowd, made up of diehard market women, had gone running through the streets again. This time they were angry and had shouted at the top of their lungs:Monkey come down!Monkey come down!Monkey come down!He had responded by dispatching soldiers that fired live bullets into the mob. Wounding and killing a number of the rioters and thus ruthlessly crushing the insurrection, he had made it known in no uncertain terms that they were, in fact, the monkey.But a month after the election, on November 12, 1985, came a counter-coup d’état to topple his regime. This had been led by Thomas Quiwonkpa, a former Commanding General of the Armed Forces of Liberia, whom he had demoted. The invaders had entered the country through neighboring Sierra Leone. Within a few days they were in Monrovia. But the coup was soon suppressed and the leaders were rounded up. One report has it that Doe had received a tipoff from the American Embassy in Monrovia, warning him of the invaders. In any case, Quiwonkpa was himself killed, so the story went, and eaten. Samuel Doe had then within a few minutes of suppressing the rebellion taken once more to the airwaves. Denouncing the unsuccessful coup and proclaiming that he was still in full control of the country, he had warned potential coup-makers that any further attempts to depose his government would be met with the same brutality. But now who could have foreseen a civil war of this magnitude, since the nearly ten years he and those non-commissioned officers had deposed the Tolbert administration? To hell with the Americans, the President shouted inside his head and began to pace the floor angrily, his hands behind his back. No one other than the Americans was to blame. If only they had extradited Charles Taylor to Liberia then the situation would have been different. Yet they had chosen to tell him a pack of lies. Anyone could see that Taylor had not broken out of the detention facility the Americans claimed to have put him but that they had actually allowed the thieving former government minister to escape. It was always like that when you fell out of favor with the Americans. Soon they began to plot your downfall and would stop at nothing until they brought your utter destruction. They had started with Tolbert when after many years of the pro-Western policies of William V.S. Tubman and of the Americans literally licking their elbows the former president had begun to look towards the Soviets, the Chinese, the Cubans, and a few eastern bloc countries. Concession contracts signed with the Americans had been renegotiated, forcing them to pay back taxes in millions of dollars. That was why they had remained quiet when he killed Tolberts, courting him with millions in economic aid until he felt as though he would be suffocated. But he himself had since fallen out of favor with the Americans and could remember that at the beginning of the war he had called them on a telephone and told them pointedly: “America wants to overthrow Doe because Doe is trying to build Liberia. But I remain here to say no to America and no to the supporters of Charles Taylor. Period,” he had concluded, banging down the edge of his hand on the table for emphasis. The Americans had life and death in their hands and could, if they choose, decide the fate of the whole planet, which they had shown when they dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But being a friend of the Americans, as much as being an enemy of them, he knew often spelled disaster. They were given to double standards and one could hardly tell the extent to which they were plotting one’s downfall. Obviously you found yourself in a better position when you were an enemy of the Americans, thought the president, because then you could see clearly that they were nothing but turncoats, extorting on the pretext of economic aid a feeling of fear and subservience from weaker nations. But this foresight had arrived too late. Now here he was at the mercy of the very Charles Taylor who, along with thousands of armed gangs, should have been rotting at the Belle Yella prison or probably thrown from a military aircraft, as he had shown the ill-fated A.B. Tolbert. But despite all this he had one consolation. When he thought of it he couldn’t help smiling to himself: Nancy and the children, including a few of his relations, he had sent ahead of him to England aboard his government only passenger aircraft. And they would be saved.An army orderly came in to report that the newly arrived ECOMOG peacekeeping force had docked at the Freeport of Monrovia and that they had already set up their headquarters. President Samuel Doe stopped pacing the floor and, for the first time since the civil war broke out he saw a flicker of hope, this time solid and palpable rise on the horizon.To be cont’d.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Mills Jones Suspended Indefinitely from Party

first_imgThe party Dr. Jones co-founded has suspended him indefinitely, pending an investigation into reports of misconduct on his partDr. Joseph Mills Jones, the standard bearer and political leader of the Movement for Economic Empowerment was on Tuesday, Dec. 5, suspended indefinitely by the party’s Executive Committee.A statement issued at the end of the meeting yesterday said Dr. Jones was suspended pending a 72-hour investigation into a formal complaint against him by the party’s assistant national secretary general, James Roberts, alleging that Dr. Jones ordered his security officers to assault him (Roberts) and forcefully removed a 7.5KVA generator from the party’s headquarters in Congo Town, Monrovia.The statement, signed by Robert Sammie, the party’s National Vice Chairman for Communication and Media Relations, said the party’s executive committee unanimously reached the decision because Dr. Jones’ action was highly regrettable and violated the party’s constitution and bylaws.The statement said the Executive Committee suspended Dr. Jones as standard-bearer and political leader of the party with immediate effect, pending conclusive investigations into the matter in seventy-two hours.“Dr. Jones is hereby mandated to turn over all party properties in his possession and must avoid all premises of the party until otherwise ordered by the party’s National Executive Committee or cited by the Grievance and Ethics Committee for investigation into the complaint brought against him by assistant secretary general James Roberts,” the statement said.It said considering the gravity of the matter, the Grievance and Ethics Committee is mandated to carry out a speedy and impartial investigation into the matter.“Within seventy-two (72) hours and upon receipt of this mandate from the Executive Committee, the Grievance and Ethics Committee must expeditiously dispose of this matter and submit its findings to the National Executive Committee, in keeping with its by-laws and constitution,” it said.The statement admitted that these are hard times for the party, but that there is no singular guarantee for institutional building and democratization than the adherence to the rule of law and justice; therefore, the party subscribes to the fundamental principle of justice that no one is above the law.Confirming the National Executive Committee’s decision, the party’s Vice Chairman for Administration, Dan Saryee, said Dr. Jones was suspended for exhibiting “serious intolerable act and gross disregard for the party’s Grievance and Ethics Committee.”The Committee, according to Mr. Saryee, invited Dr. Jones to give reasons for taking his personal security to the institution’s premises to take away a generator and other belongings that did not belong to him personally.He added that Dr. Jones refused to submit to the committee and therefore, the Executive Committee of the party took a decision to suspend him for time indefinitely.Dr. Jones, as the standard bearer of MOVEE, contested in the October 10 Presidential and Legislative elections and accumulated 12,854 votes (0.8 percent).It may be recalled that on Dec. 3, Dr. Jones was reported to have violated the MOVEE’s, Article XV. Section 9: b, National Officers, and Duties, when he ordered his security to assault and disgraced publicly Assistant National Secretary-General for Administration, among other violations.It was also alleged that his wife, Mrs. Esther B. Jones, without the knowledge and consent of the Party took a freezer from the headquarters.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

UPDATE: Missing 13 Year-Old Fairview Girl Found

first_imgFAIRVIEW, A.B. – Last night just before 8:00 P.M., Fairview RCMP announced that Sarah Zylstra had been found safe and sound.Zylstra had last been seen at home on Tuesday morning at around 12:30 A.M. and was reported missing just before 2:00 that afternoon.The RCMP would like to thank the public for their help in locating Zylstra.- Advertisement –last_img

Man United transfer update: £130m striking duo close, Lindelof and Fabinho news

first_img 10 10 10 Gareth Bale (Real Madrid) – Recent reports have suggested the LaLiga and Champions League winners were considering selling their Welsh star to free up space for Monaco’s teen starlet Kylian Mbappe. Bale gets on well with Man United-bound Alvaro Morata and the Spaniard wants his fellow forward to follow him to England. Bale has previously stated his happiness in Madrid, telling club president Florentino Perez of his wish to stay, but the offer of returning to the Premier League with a key role in the team may be too good to resist. Isco’s impressive end-of-season form may convince Zinedine Zidane that he does not need 27-year-old Bale – and this could all depend on Mbappe’s situation. 10 10 10 Ivan Perisic (Inter Milan) – Man United are said to be keen on bringing the Croatian to Old Trafford and Inter are holding out for £44million. The Red Devils reportedly submitted an opening £36m bid and, with three years left on his contract at the San Siro, Inter are under no pressure to sell the attacking midfielder. New boss Luciano Spalletti could have a key say in the 28-year-old’s future and the former Roma boss will know how vital he is after scoring 11 and assisting 12 in 42 appearances in 2016/17. As reported by talkSPORT earlier this week, Perisic is getting set to represent Croatia in one of beach volleyball’s biggest annual tournaments this summer. Read more here. Alvaro Morata (Real Madrid) – deal close? Click the right arrow, above, to see more transfer news emerging from Manchester United… – Reports claim the Real Madrid and Spain forward will sign a five-year deal at Old Trafford on Monday after a £64.1m transfer fee was agreed between the two clubs. Morata, 24, returned to the Bernabeu last summer after they exercised a buy-back clause from Juventus, for around £23m. The 6ft 3in striker wants to move on again, however, for first-team football after failing to nail down a spot under Zinedine Zidane last term, despite netting 20 goals and assisting 6 in 43 appearances. United turned their attentions to Morata after missing out on Antoine Griezmann and he is expected to become Jose Mourinho’s first summer signing after agreeing personal terms ‘very quickly’. Now they will try complete a £70m deal for the man on the next slide… 10 Fabinho (Monaco) – The 23-year-old Brazilian could be another player set to exit Ligue 1 champions Monaco this summer. United reportedly face competition from rivals Man City, but the fact Mourinho and Fabinho share agents in Jorge Mendes could hand the Red Devils the advantage. He is primarily a midfielder but he often filled in impressively at right-back for Leonardo Jardim’s side during 55 appearances for his club last term. He is valued at £52.8m and that does not appear to have put Man United off. AC Milan, Juventus and PSG are also said to be interested, as were Atletico Madrid before their transfer ban. Fans may be getting a little impatient, but it seems as though it will be worth the wait as Manchester United plot a busy summer of transfers.Jose Mourinho is still trying to mould his own squad at Old Trafford and he has reportedly been promised another mega kitty to overhaul his playing staff.Players are set to depart as well as arrive at the Red Devils and the rumour mill is in overdrive.To save you scouring the whole of the internet to find out who will be signing and when, talkSPORT has taken a look at the news and provided you with the very latest, including the potential arrival of a £130m striking duo after missing out on Antoine Griezmann.Click the right arrow, above, to see the latest transfer news coming out of Manchester United… Andrea Belotti (Torino) – Torino forward Belotti has had some season. He only made his Italy debut against France last September, but he looks set to be the Azzurri’s number nine for the foreseeable future. Paulo Dybala’s former strike partner at Palermo, Belotti joined Torino in 2015 and 28 goals and five assists in all club competitions last season has led to some of Europe’s top clubs registering their interest. The Red Devils are front of the queue and he could suit Jose Mourinho’s style. Belotti does not shy out of his defensive duties and he is strong, quick and good in the air. The 23-year-old signed a new contract at the Turin club at the end of last year, with a reported 100m Euro release clause, but United believe they can land him for less and The Independent claim a £70m bid has been submitted. 10 Felipe Anderson (Lazio) – The Brazilian playmaker has been continuously linked with a move to Old Trafford in recent years, and they had a 50million Euro bid rejected in January 2016. He is valued at around £42m by the Rome club after scoring five goals and assisting 14 in all competitions in 2016/17. The 24-year-old recently fuelled talk of a potential move by telling Sport TV: “Every player dreams of playing for a team like United. After my season that was very good in the second year, there has always been a lot of speculation. If an opportunity shows up, or when I present myself at Lazio, I have to present myself very well.” A move could all depend on whether United are successful in their attempts to sign Perisic. 10 David De Gea: The latest news regarding his future – Reports in Spain this week suggested Real Madrid were set to abandon their interest in signing De Gea this summer. He has been linked with a return to the Spanish capital on a number of occasions and De Gea is said to be keen on a move back to his home city. Journalist Pipi Estrada, speaking on Spanish TV, claimed De Gea is worried a move could collapse and does not want to be subject of a long, drawn out summer transfer saga. Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Swedish star leaving the club – The Premier League announced the released list for every club this summer and the only name under Man United was that of the Swedish superstar. There was talk of a potential one-year extension being triggered by the club, but a cruciate knee ligament injury suffered towards the end of the season stopped a deal from happening. The 35-year-old’s agent Mino Raiola has insisted Ibrahimovic will stay in Europe and he will not be short of offers should he make a full recovery. He was the club’s top scorer in 2016/17 as they won the EFL Cup and Europa League, scoring 28 goals and assisting 10 in 46 appearances. He is making good progress in his recovery but is still not expected to return until early 2018. Victor Lindelof (Benfica) – The Benfica centre-back has been on Manchester United’s radar for some time, with a move reportedly close in January. The Sweden international stayed put, signing a new contract in Portugal and, according to The Sun, he will fly into Manchester after international duty next week to complete a £35m switch. The 22-year-old has even told close friends how he cannot wait to join ‘such a massive club’ and to fight for his team and fans. A five-year deal is in the offing and the 12-capped central defender could be another valuable addition to Mourinho’s Man United jigsaw, slotting in alongside Eric Bailly at the back. 10 Wayne Rooney: Time up for the Man United skipper? – The 31-year-old looks set to leave Old Trafford this summer after falling down the pecking order under Jose Mourinho. The Portuguese boss is set for a busy summer of transfers and Rooney, the club’s all-time top scorer, does not feature in his plans. He was handed another blow recently as Gareth Southgate confirmed he was looking to appoint a new England captain and his chances of making the Three Lions’ World Cup squad depend on Rooney playing well and regularly. A return to Everton has been mentioned, but the Toffees could be priced out of a move, while MLS and the Chinese Super League also look like possible destinations.last_img read more

Leeds edging closer to signing former Man City striker

first_img stalemate goalless GREAT NEWS He has a prolific scoring record at Lazio 5 Cardiff and Preston play out stalemate in Championship early kick-off He has only been at the Serie A outfit for a year after arriving from Espanyol for €2.5 million last summer, but the former Manchester City player would reportedly ‘welcome the possibility’ of a move back to England.He made 35 appearances for City and scored on seven occasions, including four Premier League goals.And he is seen as an easier target for Leeds after CSKA Moscow joined the race for Uruguayan free agent Abel Hernandez, who left Hull City at the end of the season and is demanding £40,000 a week. Felipe Caicedo is on his way to Leeds from Lazio, if reports in the Italian press are to be believed.Saturday’s edition of Il Tempo declared the Ecuadorian was on his way out of Serie A and leaning ‘more and more’ towards signing for the Whites after being transfer listed at the end of the season. 5 impact Bannan penalty helps Sheffield Wednesday strengthen grip on play-off place Leeds are keen to bolster their ailing strikeforce after finding the net only 59 times in 46 Championship matches last season, making the departure of talisman Chris Wood felt more deeply.But powerhouse Caicedo, 29, scored six times in 33 appearances for Lazio last season, and as most of these were as a substitute, that equates to a goal every 216 minutes. REPLY Abel Hernandez would favour a move to Moscow over Leeds Caicedo could make the difference in Yorkshire Wherever Hernandez ends up, it seems clear that new Leeds boss Marcelo Bielsa is happy to raid his former side Lazio to get Caicedo’s signature.The 68-cap Ecuadorian may have little English experience, but his immense physicality and aerial ability make him well suited to the gritty world of Championship football. 5 Berahino hits back at b******t Johnson criticism – ‘I was in a dark place at Stoke’ Leeds are desperate for a talisman to lead their strikeforce CHAMPIONSHIP NEWS 5 Strugglers Wigan hold Blackburn to goalless draw in Championship ROUND-UP EFL result Leeds lose at Fulham, West Brom held, Charlton’s winless run continues Every Championship club’s best signing of the decade, including Taarabt and Dack 5 His agent told Brazilian outlet Diario Carioca: “Hernandez is not a CSKA player yet but we received a good offer from them.“We are delighted with this interest. Let’s just wait.” Hull defender MacDonald given all-clear after battle with bowel cancerlast_img read more


first_imgVICTIMS of paedophile priests are to hold a protest in Dublin this weekend – two weeks before a report on the Raphoe Diocese is published.ACCAI (Abused Catholic Children Association of Ireland) will be holding a protest at the Pro Cathedral in Dublin aimed at the upcoming Raphoe dioceses report into child abuse.The report from the National Board for Safeguarding Children in the Catholic Church, into abuse in Raphoe, is to be published following an audit of the diocese by the National Board for Safeguarding Children in the Catholic church. The final draft has to be approved by Bishop Philip Boyce before it is released. It will now only deal with what is found in Diocese records.The group, that protests weekly at the Pro Cathedral, is organising this weekend’s protest with Raphoe as their subject due to the fact that a lot of Donegal GAA supporters will be in the city for the All Ireland Semi Final game with Dublin and it will enable them to get involved.One of the organisers, John Deegan from County Donegal said: “We are asking that as many people as possible come along and offer their support. The protest gets underway at 10am.”The audit of the diocese was led by Ian Elliott chief executive of the National Board for Safeguarding Children in the Catholic Church. The board was founded in 2006 and has now compiled audits on six of Ireland’s 26 dioceses. The board was tasked with uncovering the full extent of all complaints or allegations, knowledge, suspicions or concerns of child sexual abuse, made to the Raphoe diocese by individuals or by the civil authorities in the period 1 January 1975 to the present day, against Catholic clergy.Its objective will be ‘to confirm how known allegations have been responded to and what the current arrangements for safeguarding children are’ in the Raphoe diocese.We understand the report will not feature priests involved in abuse before 1975.However we also understand that there will be pressure from victims for a full investigation into the Raphoe Diocese following the release of the audit.Sources say ten priests were accused of various offences over four decades – with up to ten others suspected of offences but which did not go to court. ABUSE VICTIMS TO HOLD PROTEST AIMED AT RAPHOE DIOCESE was last modified: August 24th, 2011 by BrendaShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:paedophile priestsRaphoelast_img read more


first_imgGLENSWILLY are celebrating their historic first ever County Championship after a hard-fought two-point win over brave St Michael’s on Sunday.In this video, re-live Michael Murphy’s superb goal, listen to him talk about the victory and hear the passion of co-manager Gary McDaid. DDTV VIDEO: MICHAEL MURPHY & GARY McDAID TALK ABOUT GLENSWILLY VICTORY was last modified: October 2nd, 2011 by BrendaShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:glenswilly gaa winlast_img read more


first_imgA missing 15 year old girl was located last night after a search in the Gaoth Dobhair area.Donegal Mountain Rescue were put on standbyThe teenager had been reported missing just after 11pm and a massive search was launched.The Gardai and the Donegal Mountain Rescue Team were alerted to the incident and made their way to Gaoth Dobhair. Members of the Leitrim and Sligo Mountain Rescue teams were also put on standby but were not dispatched.A request for assistance was also made to the S61 search helicopter to be dispatched from Sligo.However the chopper could not be scrambled due to heavy fog.Gardai became more concerned when the girl could not be located for a number of hours as freezing fog set in. Shortly before 2.30am the missing girl was located safe and well and the alert was called off.Gardai say the girl was unharmed and thanked everyone for their assistance. MASSIVE SEARCH SPARKED AFTER TEENAGER GOES MISSING IN FREEZING CONDITIONS was last modified: November 29th, 2012 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:Donegal Mountain RescueGaoth DobhairGardaimissing teenagerlast_img read more

[REPORT] The 2019 CPI encourages South Africans to play their part in fighting corruption

first_imgJOHANNESBURG, Wednesday 30 January 2019 – Brand South Africa notes South Africa’s performance in the 2019 Transparency International Corruption Perception Index (CPI), which indicates that the country’s corruption perceptions score remains quite stable at 43/100 in 2019.Commenting on the report, Dr Petrus de Kock, General Manager for Research at Brand South Africa said: “At the time of conducting analysis of the Corruption Perceptions Index, the Zondo Commission of Inquiry into State Capture is unearthing significant news regarding corrupt activities involving the private- and public sector. It is in this context therefore striking that South Africa’s corruption perceptions score remains quite stable at 43/100 in 2019. The score translates into a ranking of 73/180 nations measured through the CPI, the country’s ranking in 2017 was 71/180.”Dr de Kock adds that while the ranking and score in the CPI remains stable, it is necessary to manage the reputational fall-out of revelations regarding corruption carefully.“In this context it is necessary to indicate the extreme levels of transparency designed into the South African states’ governance system. For example, South Africa ranks 2/115 nations in the Open Budget Index, an indicator that clearly illustrates that the South African governance system is a world leader in terms of transparency and accountability within a constitutional democracy. It is necessary to reinforce this message on an ongoing basis to contextualise the reasons why revelations of unethical behaviour, and corruption, occur in the South African context,” said Dr de Kock.In line with an element of public opinion in South Africa, the CPI also notes that ongoing commissions of inquiry is a step in the right direction to fight corruption. However, there is a need to move beyond commissions of inquiry towards the prosecution of those implicated in cases of corruption and/or state capture.In terms of South Africa, the CPI notes that ‘under President Ramaphosa, the administration has taken additional steps to address anti-corruption on a national level, including through the work of the Anti-Corruption Inter-Ministerial Committee. Although the National Anti-Corruption Strategy (NACS) has been in place for years, the current government continues to build momentum for the strategy by soliciting public input.Dr de Kock concludes: “From a Nation Brand reputation point of view it is important that commissions of inquiry are interrogating issues of state capture, and associated corrupt behaviour. However, as a nation we need to embrace the principles of transparency and accountability embedded in the nation’s constitution.”//ENDS//For more information or to set up interviews, please contact: Tsabeng NthiteTel: +27 11 712 5061Mobile: +27 (0) 76 371 6810Email:tsabengn@brandsouthafrica.comVisit www.brandsouthafrica.comlast_img read more