High Court grants order moving woman with anorexia to different HSE facility

first_imgHigh Court grants order moving woman with anorexia to different HSE facility The woman’s recent weight drop was “a very serious turn of events,” the judge said. Apr 16th 2019, 9:18 PM Tuesday 16 Apr 2019, 9:18 PM THE HIGH COURT has cleared the way for the transfer of a woman with severe anorexia nervosa from one HSE-run facility to another due to a deterioration in her medical condition. The order was made by Justice Garrett Simons today after the court was told that the woman’s current medical situation is serious.She currently weighs 30.6kg, has a BMI of 13 and she has lost 3kg in the last two weeks, the court heard.The woman, who is aged in her twenties, is a ward of court and neither she nor the facilities she has been receiving treatment at can be identified for legal reasons.She has been a patient at a HSE facility where she had been receiving on-going psychiatric help for her illness.  However, her physical condition has deteriorated and a transfer to another HSE-run facility where her medical needs can be addressed was deemed in her best interests.Justice Simons made the orders allowing the transfer to proceed after he was given updates on the woman’s current condition by a solicitor representing the committee that looks after the ward’s interests, and from the HSE. The judge said the situation including the woman’s recent weight drop was “a very serious turn of events.” He said she required “urgent medical attention,” for what is “a very complex” condition. ‘Medical needs’The judge noted that it was not possible for her to get both the medical and mental supports she requires at the same facility in Ireland.  The judge said that in order to address that situation the court had previously made orders allowing the woman to be transferred to the UK where she can get both the medical and psychiatric treatment she needs in the one facility. It had been hoped that the place in the UK would be available by the end of April, he said. However, that particular move has been put back, and the Judge said that it would not be possible to move her to the UK until May, the Judge added. In the short-term, the judge agreed that woman should be moved from her current location, which the court heard she does not like, to the other Irish-based facility where her medical needs can be addressed. The court also heard that the woman is happy for the transfer from one Irish-based facility to the other to go ahead, and is content to ultimately go and receive treatment for her illness in the UK.The court also heard that the HSE hopes it can provide the psychiatric care the woman requires at the medical facility in Ireland she is being moved to.  The matter is due to be mentioned before the court later this year.  By Aodhan O Faolain No Comments https://jrnl.ie/4594880 Share1 Tweet Email3 center_img Thw Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Thw Image: RollingNews.ie Short URL Image: RollingNews.ie 16,512 Views last_img