Full details of Dublin auditions for Star Wars lead roles

first_imgFANCY YOURSELF AS a bit of a Jedi? Handy with a light sabre? Fond of trotting out your Yoda impression?Then this could be right up your street.The makers of the new Star Wars film have announced that they’re coming to Dublin on the hunt for actors to fill two lead roles.The BBC reports that Disney (which owns the Star Wars franchise now) is looking for an “beautiful, smart, athletic” actress to play a girl in her late teens and a “handsome, smart, athletic” man in his late teens or early twenties.The auditions will take place in Filmbase in Dublin 2 on 23 and 24 November. Source: @UKopencallThe roles being filled are those of “Rachel”, an orphaned teen who has been forced to make her way in a dangerous, tough town, and “Thomas” who has “grown up without a father’s influence”.Efforts have been made to disguise a connection between the auditions and the new Star Wars film, but the BBC says it has confirmation that the roles are for the next title in the franchise.Auditions are also taking place in cities across the UK.More: New Star Wars film to be released in 2015 as Disney buys LucasFilm>Read: Bad news… Star Wars isn’t filming in Ireland after all*last_img