Students Urged to be Agents of Change

first_img Acting Chief Medical Officer in the Ministry of Health, Dr. Michael Coombs, has challenged new and returning students of the University of Technology (UTech) to become agents of change, by helping to promote good values and attitudes in the society.Dr. Coombs made the call while addressing a church service held recently at the institution’s Papine campus in St. Andrew, as part of the 2013/14 orientation programme.He stated that as the next generationof professionals, the students are “strategically placed to be agents of change under God, to recreate a nation with these desperately needed values and attitudes. I can assure you that this is the only hope for personal and national transformation.”Dr. Coombs told the students that they could not be considered to be adequately educated until they appreciate the importance of and have “acquired these values and attitudes.”He pointed to the absence of “bible-based” values and attitudes in the society, which, he said have resulted in many social problems.“We now face as a nation (where there are), poor interpersonal relationships in every sphere, a lack of respect for authority, crime and violence, and a breakdown of the building block of nations,” he said.Dr. Coombs urged the students to take a stand for the righteousness of God. “The same God we pray to in our National Anthem here in Jamaica, without this God, there can be no transformation,” he argued.He reminded the students, also, to spend quality time with God and to pray, noting that prayer was the only way to know and experience God. “The blessings that will result will be worth your while,” he stated. He pointed to the absence of “bible-based” values and attitudes in the society UTech students challenged to become agents of change Story Highlights Dr. Coombs highlighted the importance of “values and attitudes”last_img