Datebox is the Valentine’s Day Gift that Keeps on Giving

first_imgRelationships are hard. Especially relationships that have lasted more than a few years.After so much time together, it’s inevitable that the ‘spark’ you once felt so strongly will begin to dim. A quick remedy to breathe a little more fire into that dying ember of interest is to dedicate one night a month to a date night. Some guys might find this a little hokey–but I ask you this, is strengthening your relationship and staving off possible divorce or worse, hokey? I didn’t think so.But the problem with establishing a date night is that it’s a lot of work–dinner reservations must be made, activities planned, babysitters (or dogsitters) scheduled. Then you have to factor in the weather, and by the time a decision is finally made, you and your significant other are exhausted and would be happier just drinking a few beers and going to bed. Now, I have nothing against Netflix and chill, but I am against complacency and the slow decay of a once-loving relationship. So buck the trend of the dismal date night, while also making it as easy as possible for yourself by trying out Datebox.Now, I know what you’re thinking: Another subscription box? Yes, but this one is actually worth it. Not only do you receive a box full of ideas, inspiration, activities, treats, and even a Spotify playlist to up your date night game, but you also get it sent directly to your door with literally no effort on your part. And, starting at $40 for one Datebox, it’s about 50% less expensive than planning your own.But, the best part about it is that your lady love will love it. Dedicating yourself to a monthly date night will likely make do a double take and then fall directly into your arms. Actions peak louder than words, and a Datebox showing up at your front door is a relationship affirming statement. Quality time spent together leads to better and more open communication, which leads to an overall healthy and robust relationship.How it WorksHop onto Datebox’s website and take a look at their three subscription options. You can choose their ‘Flirty’ month-to-month for the aforementioned price of $40 per month, their ‘Steady’ plan, which is $110 every three months, or the ‘Serious’ plan, which is $200 every six months. Now, that may sound steep, but you’re getting six date nights up front for less than it would cost for two dinner dates at a slightly upscale restaurant. Datebox usually arrives around the 15th of each month.What’s InsideEach Datebox is different. One month you might receive a sushi-making kit with a shopping list and green tea. The next month you might receive all the ingredients to make muffins together or a booklet full of fun quizzes and questions to ask your significant other (that you may never have thought to ask before). Other items range from art supplies and canvases to get your creative juices flowing, to growing your own herbs. To see more of what you can find inside Datebox, check out #Datebox on Instagram. All those smiling couples are proof positive that Datebox is doing something right.If you’re looking to get your first box by Valentine’s Day, be sure to place your order before the end of January. The Ultimate Pillow Guide: The 6 Best Pillows for All Sleepers How to Change a Light Fixture Without Getting Shocked 15 Best Subscription Boxes for Men Who Love Gifts Editors’ Recommendations The Absolute Worst Movies to Watch with a Date The Most Refreshing Sparkling Waters to Sip On Right Nowlast_img