Academics do not necessarily provide work-related skills – CXC Registrar

first_imgPersons who have gained academic qualifications are not necessarily equipped with the skills to function in the workplace. This was the contention of the Registrar of the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) Glenroy Cumberbatch, who made these remarks at Guyana’s accreditation for technical and vocational training on Wednesday.Registrar of CXC, Glenroy CumberbatchCumberbatch said many societies have found that possessing a degree or associated qualifications does not necessarily equip people with skills they need operate in the workplace. The Registrar noted that “many years ago” persons with degrees could have easily attained jobs but in the present context, this is not the case.“Very soon [it was] recognised that the degree is not necessarily work skills and that people who have these degrees cannot function in the work place as well as they thought,” Cumberbatch noted.The CXC Registrar added that it is important for students to follow the CVQ (Caribbean Vocational Qualification) programme, pointing out that the combination with academic qualifications will better equip students for the work environment.“More and more we are seeing you have lots of CSEC subjects and degrees but you’re not being employed so it’s imperative that persons follow the CVQ programme so that their skills are more work related skills and combining the two prepares them much better for the world before us,” the CXC representative opined.Cummberbatch stressed that there are some countries that have made it “absolutely clear” that no child should leave school without their technical qualifications. He added that persons with technical skills should be seen just as intelligent as those with who attain several qualifications.“Intelligence must not be seen only as people who get first class honours but people who contribute to your economy must also be seen as intelligent – the plumbers, mechanics… must all be recognised for the value in the social and economic development of the country,” posited the CXC Registrar.Meanwhile, Education Minister, Dr Rupert Roopnaraine once again voiced his concern over students writing 25 subjects at CXC.last_img