Every vote is a golden one during the 2019 general elections

first_imgDear Editor,Are votes during the Guyana general elections in 2019 as golden as I think they are or should be?I understand that the Chief Justice in a recent ruling stated that the current House-to-House Registration is legal and at the same time, no name should be taken off the current voters’ list. I guess that would be with the exception of all deceased persons since the last general elections in 2015. I just need some clarification on the following:For someone not registering during the current House-to-House Registration cycle, but whose name is on the current voters’ list from 2015, will they be allowed to cast their vote?I happen to know a bedridden patient at the Palms called “The Geriatric Home” on Brickdam, and from a recent visit, I jokingly inquired from the individual if she will be voting? She responded with laughter that she would love to vote, but is not sure what provisions would be made for her and others in that condition to exercise that right. Does she actually have any voting rights as a senior citizen?Is it GECOM or the Government’s responsibility to put in a place a system for having those senior citizens cast their respective vote? Why not have a special day allotted for such an exercise similar to the Disciplined Forces? What about the homeless persons on the streets, do they have any voting rights?From inquiries, I was told that prisoners have no voting rights. Is that accurate? This election in 2019 is huge and why not make an exception and have prisoners cast their votes? Again, set aside a special day for GECOM personnel to visit all prison locations and let those votes come in.Yours faithfully,T Pembertonlast_img