A CoI set up to substantiate a rumour

first_imgDear Editor,Commissions of Inquiries (CoIs) are usually set up to find or uncover facts that were once hidden and bring them to light. That is why in some places like the South African hearings, it is called a Truth and Reconciliation Commission – these inquiries are designed to get to the bottom of things with a firm view to bring closure and healing to the affected parties and the nation as a whole. With this principal thought in mind, let us take a closer look into the most recent of CoIs held by the Government, that is, the Lindo Creek massacre. Was this Commission set up to get the facts or is it really a sham inquest? Or is it another one of those attempts to whip up hate for the Opposition People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) who was in power at the said time? In either case, the People’s National Congress (PNC)-led coalition is not on a quest to know the truth but, are headlong on a mission to substantiate a rumour. Ultimately, the PNC is hoping that they can get back that much needed support from its own power base. The PNC is cognisant of the fact that support from its constituencies is dwindling – talk to the common man on the ground and you will get the real picture – so there is serious urgency to regain ground. So, any plausible mechanism that can be employed, would be employed to regain lost territory, this CoI is one of them.The way the Commission’s directors are going about their duties is that they would like the hearings to go in a certain direction but sadly things are not turning out the way they would like it to be.The PNC is not interested in getting to the truth, they would rather settle for a substitute for the truth no matter how ludicrous it may be.This became a clear fact in their meticulous, painstakingly detailed handling of Arokium’s hearsay testimony.Lindo Creek was meant to be the smoking gun of all inquiries set up to unearth all the deadly corrupt practices of the PPP/C during their tenure in office.When a CoI is set up purely on the basis of a rumour, no good can be the result, in fact, by so doing the PNC have exposed themselves to be a shameful political entity before the entire world.Respectfully,Neil Adamslast_img