Why Vacations Bring Out Your Dirty Side

first_img Sharing is caring! 93 Views   no discussions Not long ago, a friend of mine returned from a trip to Aruba with her boyfriend and regaled me with stories of the crazy sex they had—three or four times a day, anywhere they could get each other’s clothes off: in the ocean 20 feet off the beach; on the balcony of their room in broad daylight; in the lobby rest room.They even got caught by a roaming tour group while hiking some ancient ruins. “They rode up on four-wheelers to find my bare ass hanging out of a crumbling little window while my boyfriend’s head was between my legs,” she says. “Honestly, we didn’t even pause for them.”The funny thing is, she and her boyfriend are never like that at home. “We had sex often enough, I guess,” she says, “But it was always run-of-the-mill stuff. Since we’ve been back, we haven’t even contemplated doing anything risky. We’re right back to our old routine.” All too often, that’s the way it works: Sex at home is like eating at home. Your Tuesday night tuna melt might be delicious, but it doesn’t wow you like the Tuna Supreme with Cheese served up at a restaurant. That’s why, if you want to get the most out of your sex life, sometimes you have to pack it up, take it away, and bust it out in a totally new setting. Go south (or west, or east—anywhere), young man, and you’ll strike sexual gold.The Perfect GetawayWhat is it about a vacation that makes a woman so horny? Let’s start with the obvious: She’s not working, running errands, or taking care of anyone but herself. “I always have more sex when we’re away,” says Julie*, 27, who’s been married for three years. “Sometimes we do it twice a day. But at home morning sex never happens; we’re too busy getting ready for work. On vacay I never have a to-do list, except ‘Have three daiquiris before noon.’ ”It’s not rocket science, says sex therapist Ian Kerner, Ph.D.: “People are more relaxed on vacation and tend to engage in more activities that lower inhibitions, like drinking and dancing. Plus, vacations bring novelty into a relationship, which stimulates dopamine, and that plays a big role in sexual arousal.”Then there’s the issue of location, location, location. Like Julie, I always have more sex when I’m vacationing—but especially if I’m in a tropical climate. Something about being nearly naked in a bikini, all hot, sweaty, and oiled up, makes me much more ready to go for it than having to remove eight layers of clothing and a pair of slush-covered boots. Go figure. “Feeling the heat off my boyfriend’s body as we lie next to each other in the sun always turns me on,” agrees Emily, 26. “It’s so inviting to put our hands on each other’s slick, bare skin.” On one Caribbean trip, her boyfriend was touching her thigh while they were lying out and managed to discreetly slip his finger under her swimsuit. “I leaned over and he fingered me right there on the beach. The whole trip was like that—we’d have quickies in the rest rooms near the pool. Once we even did it in the pool.” (Don’t worry, there’s plenty of chlorine in those things.)Going the DistanceOne of the key benefits of vacation is not just that it offers abundant time for more sex, but also opportunities for better, dirtier sex. Being in a foreign country for a few days where you don’t know anyone is almost like an automatic “Get Out of Propriety Free” card. Wanna do something totally impolite? Go right ahead—you’ll never see these people again!“I’m always more uninhibited on vacation,” says Darcy, 29. “The only times my boyfriend and I have had anal have been on trips. I think it’s about not caring what happens to the room. On vacation someone else takes care of everything, so I don’t care if we trash the sheets or break something.” While some trips provide an obvious setting for raucous, no-holds-barred screwing—private island bungalows, secluded mountain cabins, luxurious over-water villas—many women told me they didn’t necessarily need to be completely alone with their guys to be able to let loose on vacation. Karina, 26, loves that in a hotel she can moan as loud as she wants and shout out her boyfriend’s name without worrying about the neighbors. “I don’t care about the people in the room next door,” she says. “I live in an apartment in Brooklyn, and when we f— at home my groans are reduced to little whimpers, because I don’t want to blush every time I see my neighbors in the elevator.” She says one time in Ireland she even had someone bang on the wall to get her to tone it down. “I couldn’t have cared less. It actually made the sex hotter.” Just remember, wherever you go, pack plenty of condoms, spermicidal gels, and morning-after pills. What happens on vacation—especially if what happens involves spontaneous stall-sex at Señor Frog’s—doesn’t always stay on vacation.by Maxim Magazine Share LifestyleRelationships Why Vacations Bring Out Your Dirty Side by: – May 30, 2011center_img Share Tweet Sharelast_img