One of the world’s best bloggers for luxury tourism is staying in Istria

first_imgIt is interesting that Naomi-Jane Adams always mentions that this is a paid promotional campaign, both in the description and in the hashtag, while this is a rarity in Croatia, as well as on the global scene. But after the global debacle and fraud with Fyre Festival (be sure to watch the documentary) last year, where the top influencers were one of the main media and ambassadors of the campaign, and who did not emphasize that it is a paid campaign, the topic was updated, and more and more bloggers and influencers are emphasized when it’s about paid campaigns. And such is the rule according to our laws, where it should be clearly emphasized when it comes to a paid campaign. On that occasion, he resides in Istria, Naomi-Jane Adams, ( Instagram @bookonin / fashion influencer and blogger specializing in luxury travel who was awarded at the World Bloggers Award held on May 24 in Cannes during the famous film festival, as the world’s best blogger in the luxury travel category. Behind Naomi-Jane Adams stands many years of experience and knowledge about luxury tourism and travel. Before moving to London and starting to build a personal brand on social platforms, she lived on the England-Greece route and edited web content for travel companies. In mid-2017, she decided to dedicate her energy and knowledge to travel. As part of this year’s Share Istria project, a total of 16 bloggers / Influencers are staying in Istria, with a total of over 29 million followers, with an estimated reach of 389 million people. After four extremely successful editions of the destination marketing campaign Share Istria, the Tourist Board of Istria has launched the fifth jubilee edition of the project, which is currently underway and lasts until June 15.  As this year TZ Istra launched a new website, whose main focus is no longer on b2b information, but exclusively on users / tourists and the sale of experiences and stories, this year’s campaign could prove to be the most effective so far. Last year’s results clearly and measurably show that the Share Istria project is rightly the most important destination campaign in Istria. Last year alone, the Share Istria campaign achieved over 4 million interactions, with a total of 26 influencers reaching a reach of 389 million people, which is expected this year as well, but with fewer influencers. The website has long been positioned as the main online destination platform for Istrian tourism. And concrete figures speak for themselves. Thus, in 2018, the website was visited by 1.251.852 (2% more than in the previous year) uniqe users, with a total of 1.929.724 sessions and 6.411.742 page views. Share Istria is the most important destination campaign in Istria Today, she explores exciting and exotic destinations and creates content for their social networks, often in collaboration with tourist circles. This year, she launched an educational Content Creation Retreat in Bali in which she teaches attendees about creating tourist content for digital channels. This year the number of weeks has been reduced, and the reason for that is because it is difficult to continuously follow a group of different people with different interests from morning to evening. For this reason, as they point out from the Tourist Board of Istria, ‘recruited’ are stronger players who have more than a million followers. The main partners of this year’s edition are Turkish Airlines and Porsche Istra, and in addition to them, more than 200 different entities are engaged (hotel houses, small family hotels, travel, tourist and DMC agencies, caterers, winemakers, olive growers, truffle growers, prosciutto makers, etc.). then museums and cultural institutions, etc.) and each of them has its share in this important campaign of Istria. The realization of the project itself, ie when influencers come to Istria, figuratively speaking, is the easiest part of the job, although no segment in this project is simple, easy or predictable. Almost half of the team of the Istrian Tourist Board has been involved in creating the entire program for five months, and the most important process in this project is definitely the “headhunting” of the best influencers targeted for Istria as well as control and interpretation of the final story.  Find out more about the new website of the Istria Tourist Board in the attachment.last_img