The flat tax for renters in Karlovac will not increase

first_imgPRIVATE RENTERS ON STRIKE: WHO PROFITS AND WHAT ARE THE CONSEQUENCES? While others are waiting for the decision to be made, the City of Karlovac did not propose an increase in the tax in question, but it will still amount to HRK 300,00 per year per bed or HRK 350,00 per accommodation unit in the camp. The Tourist Board of the City of Karlovac supports the proposal of the Decision in order to preserve the existing, but also to encourage and develop further tourist activity of the City of Karlovac. “We believe that maintaining the same amount of tax liability leaves room for existing private renters in the city to invest as much as possible in improving the quality of existing services as the quality of accommodation is one of the key values ​​for tourism development in accordance with the guidelines of the National Tourism Development Strategy. stand out from the Tourist Board of the city of Karlovac. RELATED NEWS: WITH THE ENTRY IN THE NEW YEAR, THE RESIDENCE TAX WAS INCREASED  The city of Karlovac points out that their goal is the daily development and expansion of the number of accommodation units. “Since the development of tourism is one of the strategic determinants of the City of Karlovac, their goal is to further develop and expand the number of accommodation facilities, and improve the quality of accommodation, and increasing the annual flat tax would not be encouraging, but would even the possible transition of individual renters to the gray zone.” Decision on the amount of flat tax per bed or per accommodation unit in camp is currently on public consultation until January 12, 2019.center_img Cover photo: Apartmens & Rooms 4 rivers / Pursuant to the provisions of the new Law on Amendments to the Law on Income Tax, the Decision on the amount of the flat tax for renters is no longer made by the Ministry of Tourism but by the representative body of local self-government units. In the area of ​​the city of Karlovac, there are currently 68 registered private renters with a total of 341 beds and they represent a third of the total accommodation capacity of the city. If the local self-government unit does not make a decision within the set deadline, no later than January 31, 2019, according to the new Act, the lump sum will amount to HRK 750,00 per bed, ie accommodation unit in the camp. RENTERS HAVE THE MOST BENEFITS FROM TOURISM? last_img