Maine-Endwell grad receives Goldwater Scholarship

first_imgLyman says her advice for fellow undergrads navigating their own college experience is to stand behind your work. Lyman says she hopes the scholarship will help advance her goal to work in psychological research, and while she doesn’t know exactly what that will look like, she says she hopes to go into academia. But she did get it. Lyman says the scholarship always seemed like a long shot because of her field of study, saying she was told the scholarship normally only goes to what she called “hard science.” “I play a rejection game. I know I submitted the best application I could, and then I tell myself you won’t get this. Don’t get too excited,” she said. At a time when COVID-19 is shining a spotlight on mental health, that’s something she says is critical. (WBNG) — When Maine-Endwell High School graduate and current University of Buffalo junior Cassondra Lyman applied for the Goldwater Scholarship, she decided to set her expectations low. “We all follow an imperial scientific method in order to find our results, so it’s important that we take these fields seriously,” she said. “I had this ‘woo hoo’ moment, and I just bolted upstairs and told my family and boyfriend and I was like ‘I won it!'” she said. She says she feels scientific research is scientific research, and that’s what the scholarship looks at. “Being able to reduce the stigma associated with these disorders takes research so we can better understand them. If you don’t understand something it’s easy to have misconceptions,” she said, “There’s a tendency to kind of write psychology off as a soft science,” she said. “They distinguish between soft and hard sciences and really there isn’t that kind of difference.” “If you believe that the work you are doing is of as high caliber as the work that other people in other fields are doing — that should mean something to you and to everyone else if you want it to.”last_img