Chrome OS touch interface for tablets gets poked

first_imgIf you’ve played around with a Windows tablet at all, you’ve probably noticed that most of your favorite applications haven’t been updated to play nicely with touchscreen input. Some apps are finally starting to make the move to touch — including web browsers like Opera and Google Chrome.Developer François Beaufort decided it was time to check out Google’s efforts to make Chrome more touch-friendly, so he downloaded a recent snapshot of the Chromium code and compiled the browser from scratch. As you can see, there are a number of tweaks to the Chromium interface Beaufort discovered.AdChoices广告The title bar area has been widened, making room for favicons to float just above their tabs. The position of the Omnibar’s suggestions has been tweaked as well, and is laid out in a horizontal row with five thick blocks instead of being displayed as a vertical drop-down. Tap into the wrench menu, and you’ll find a slightly larger font and more generous line spacing to make individual menu options easier to target with a fingertip.While Beaufort is quick to point out that what he compiled is actually the Chromium browser and not the full Chromium OS, the fact that an onscreen keyboard is presents makes it clear that Chrome OS will indeed be coming to tablets at some point in the future. There’s no need for an onscreen keyboard in the browser on Windows, for example, since one has been built in to the OS for quite some time. Beyond that, Google has been kicking around ideas for a tablet UX for quite some time, posting mock-ups over on the Chromium site and more recently adding the touch-ready experimental new tab page to Chrome.Many assumed that the company was only pushing Chrome OS for notebooks (what it calls Chromebooks). Really, though, Google never ruled out tablets — Sundar Pichai said at I/O 2011 that notebooks were the starting point because that’s where web use is happening now. Tablets are continuing to gain retail momentum, however, and Google will want to make sure that Chrome OS is available for OEMs who want to kick the tires.More at Google Buzz and Liliputinglast_img read more