Winston Florida State Jump Three Spots in BCS Poll

After putting a serious beating on Clemson 51-14, Jameis Winston and Florida State University has gone from No. 5 in the BCS poll to No. 2 in just one week.The Bowl Championship Series standings were released Sunday night and Alabama remained at No. 1, while Oregon fell from No. 2 to No. 3.Two other undefeated teams, No. 4 Ohio State and No. 5 Missouri rounded out the top five schools in the poll.Stanford, which has one loss, came in at No. 6. Below Stanford came No. 7 Miami and No. 8 Baylor, both  undefeated.Clemson dropped from No. 3 to No. 9, while undefeated Texas Tech is No. 10.According to ESPN:“The percentage of votes in the USA Today and Harris polls each count for one third of the calculations. A composite ranking of six computers make up the final third. Each team’s highest and lowest computer rankings are ignored in the calculations.Florida State had the best overall computer ranking, followed by the SEC’s Alabama and Missouri. The computers ranked Oregon fourth.” read more

McCain to Seek Sixth Senate Term

first_img Dan Cohen AUTHOR John McCain (R-Ariz.) announced Tuesday he will run for a sixth term in the Senate, paving the way for Congress’ most ardent defense hawk to remain at the helm of the chamber’s Armed Services Committee beyond 2016.McCain, who will be 80 on Election Day in 2016, likely will face a more conservative opponent in the Republican primary but with his long-standing popularity and strong fundraising ability, it will be difficult to topple him, reported Stars and Stripes.“The reality is I think it is going to be very hard to push him out,” said Gordon Adams, a professor of foreign policy at American University.On Tuesday, McCain touted his position at the head of the defense committee. “I’ve never been in a better position to help our military defeat our enemies and secure our nation,” he said.The biggest threat to McCain losing his chairmanship could be a loss of the Senate majority by the GOP. The Republicans have more seats up for election in 2016 than the Democrats, according to the story.Adams pointed out that McCain’s influence on defense issues can be overstated. While McCain has led the charge by defense hawks in the House and Senate to reverse the statutory caps on defense spending, so far Republicans appear ready to pass a fiscal 2016 budget resolution that retains the limits. The two resolutions create the possibility that the caps could be overridden by adding billions to DOD’s war funding account, but it still is not clear whether appropriators will allocate the extra funds in next year’s spending bill.“I think he is a key voice. I am not so sure he is going to move the traffic when it comes to cutting a budget deal,” Adams said.last_img read more