first_img 0 Comments   Share   We found out about it via a tweet: Top Stories This little dude at @AZCardinals camp had never owned a jersey. His favorite player is @Mathieu_Era I gave him mine pic.twitter.com/oLubRs0tlY— Richard Harmon (@RichardHarmon23) August 7, 2016The 31-year-old Harmon, who is about as passionate a Cardinals fan as you will find, gave a little more background into what transpired.“So I was walking around and saw a young kid and mom they were at the AZ Sports stand,” he said.Harmon, who started his own truck dispatching business after spending eight years in the U.S. Marine Corps infantry and has a son who is a little more than two years old, noticed they did not have any Cardinals gear.“I asked the mom if her son has his own jersey and she said unfortunately not,” he said. “I asked who the little guy’s favorite player was and he said the Honey Badger (Tyrann Mathieu). So I took off my jersey and gave it to him. The mom snapped a few pics of us and she had tears in her eyes. The little guy had a giant smile and gave me a hug and we went our separate ways.”Harmon, who did not get either of their names, added he was not even planning on getting a photo of it but realized his wife would wonder why he came back from a trip to the concession stand without his jersey. As for the tweet, he was hesitant to post it out of concern people might feel like he was looking for attention. “But with all the politics and negativity on social media I wanted something positive on there to make people want to be nice to each other,” he said. – / 21 For a long time, the Arizona Cardinals’ fan base was a fairly tight-knit community of die-hards who supported their team no matter what.Over time — and as the franchise has experienced more success — the community has grown, as evidenced by the consecutive sellout streak at University of Phoenix Stadium as well as the amount of Cardinals gear you see worn and displayed all over the Valley.After something that happened Saturday during the team’s Red & White practice, the BirdGang can be exceptionally proud of one of its members.last_img read more