Croatia eject Vukojevic over ‘Glory to Ukraine’ video

first_img0Shares0000Croatia defender Domagoj Vida said the “Glory to Ukraine” video was a joke © AFP / Kirill KUDRYAVTSEVZagreb, Croatia, Jul 9 – Former Croatia international Ognjen Vukojevic has been kicked out of the World Cup semi-finalists’ delegation after posting a pro-Ukraine clip that caused a political row.The Croatian football association (HNS) said Monday that Vukojevic had been “relieved from his duties as an expert associate of the Croatia squad and is no longer a member of the Croatian delegation at the World Cup”. FIFA later announced it had fined Vukojevic $15,000 and issued him with a warning over unsporting behaviour.The latest developments come as Croatia prepare to face England on Wednesday with a place in the World Cup final at stake.Following the quarter-final win over host nation Russia, Vukojevic posted an Instagram video featuring him and Croatia defender Domagoj Vida, who shouted “Glory to Ukraine!”Vida used to play for Dynamo Kiev and Vukojevic also played for the Ukrainian club and now works for them as a scout.In the video, Vukojevic added: “This victory is for Dynamo (Kiev) and for Ukraine! Croatia onwards!”The clip was picked up by Russian state media and drew condemnation from some officials.FIFA, which bans political statements at World Cup matches, said Sunday it had studied the video and decided to issue a warning to Vida.The Croatian football federation apologised to the Russian public for the “move by a Croatian delegation member.”In a statement, it said Vukojevic and Vida “also apologise for statements which were not intended to have political connotations but left space for such interpretation,” the statement said.Vida scored an extra-time goal in the match and converted one of Croatia’s penalties in the shootout win in Sochi.“Glory to Ukraine!” was a slogan of the former Soviet republic’s pro-EU revolution that toppled a Russian-backed president in 2014.The revolt was condemned as illegal by Moscow and sparked a crisis in relations between the two neighbouring states.It was followed by Russia’s annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea peninsula and a pro-Kremlin separatist war in eastern Ukraine that has claimed more than 10,000 lives.Vida issued a statement after the FIFA ruling calling the incident a misunderstanding.The player had earlier said the message was “just a joke”.0Shares0000(Visited 2 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more

Dyke reveals FA never considered sacking England boss Hodgson

first_imgGreg Dyke has told talkSPORT the Football Association never considered sacking Roy Hodgson after England crashed out of the World Cup at the group stages.The Three Lions suffered a terrible summer in Brazil, crashing out after just two games following defeats to Italy and Uruguay, and then stumbling to a goalless draw with Costa Rica in their final match. Unsurprisingly, it led to calls for Hodgson to be sacked after two years in charge but the FA and Dyke were quick to stand by the beleaguered boss.And the FA chairman said: “We took that decision in Brazil that we thought Roy has got two years left on his contract and we thought he was the right person to take us on.“But obviously we are looking at what happened in Brazil. We are looking at all of the ways we could have done better. Someone described it to me as a disaster, but it wasn’t a disaster. It was very disappointing, but a disaster is losing 7-1 at home to Germany.“This wasn’t a disaster but I think the conclusion is it’s marginal the difference between going through and not going through. A couple of goals and we would have gone through. However, it was disappointing and we’ve got to do better in the future.”Hodgson again came under pressure following a woeful 1-0 friendly win over Norway earlier this month, but restored some pride with an impressive 2-0 victory in the opening Euro 2016 qualifier in Switzerland.And reflecting on the start to the qualification campaign, Dyke added: “I thought that night as I went home, ‘there is a god after all’, because you could feel the pressure building on Roy from all sorts of places, from the fans and the media.“But suddenly that pressure went because that’s the hardest game in our group and we won it. However, we still have to win the rest to qualify. But I think there’s a quiet confidence that we will be there in France in two years time and our job is to do well.”last_img read more

Oracle: Rivalry With SAP Continues At Full Force

first_imgIt’s no secret that Oracle and SAP have been at each others’ throats for years.  For a long period SAP was considered the undisputed king of the world’s largest corporate ERP accounts.  But while SAP’s innovation stagnated, Oracle’s inorganic-growth strategy of never-ending acquisitions turned it a very serious challenger to SAP.  The competition between the two companies has intensified and grown white hot over recent months.The customer perspective of Oracle has also been changing over the past several years.  A June 5th Wall Street Journal article cites a survey taken by Wellesley, Mass research firm Nucleus Research which found that when 56 executives (29 of which were SAP customers and 27 of which were Oracle) were asked whether the customer got a “positive return on investment”, 93% of the Oracle customers said ‘yes’ compared to only 41% of the SAP customers.Oracle trumped SAP in all categories:Project completed on timeProject completed on budgetCustomer would recommend the software to peersSAP disputed the results saying that interviewing only 29 of their 26,000 customers wasn’t sufficiently large to draw any conclusions from.  The SAP spokesperson called the study “junk science”.But one thing is clear, Oracle is aggressively attacking SAP on all fronts, and since March, the attack now also includes the courts.  On March 22 Oracle sued SAP saying that SAP had broken into Oracle’s website and illegally downloaded Oracle software. Oracle is suing for copyright infringement and breach of contract.Oracle’s suit also alleges that the SAP division called TomorrowNow took Oracle-copyrighted material and supplied it to SAP customers. Oracle is charging that TomorrowNow engaged in a “deliberate, systematic and illegal scheme to acess, copy, use and distribute Oracle’s copyrighted software products and related materials” in violation of federal and state law.Meanwhile rumors are flying that Oracle is acquiring SAP stock with the intent of acquiring it.  That’s unlikely though since today Oracle’s capitalization is around $100 billion while SAP’s market capitalization is about $59 billion.  Anyone attempting to buy SAP would need to pay a premium that might bring the pricetag up to nearly $70 billion, more than two-thirds Oracle’s capitalization.  Oracle would find it difficult to control the merged entity.Where this will all lead is anyone’s guess.  But it is very likely that the headlines surrounding the Oracle-SAP rivalry aren’t going to go away any time soon.last_img read more

White Balance Footage in Final Cut Pro X

first_imgManual Color Balance in Final Cut Pro XTo manually white balance your clips in FCPX, you’ll need to use some simple editing techniques like cropping to pull of this trick. (I learned this from Mark Spencer’s Ripple Training tutorial. Check it out at the end of the post.)1. Find a small area that should be white. Use the Crop Tool to crop the image to that small area.2. Open up Waveforms (Command + 7), click on Settings, select RGB Parade.The RGB Parade will show you which colors have the strongest cast. In this particular clip, you’ll notice a lot of red peaking in the RGB parade and a good amount of green. Since the small area we have cropped is supposed to be white, we want all three of the peaks to align with each other. To do so, you’ll need to adjust the points on the Color Board.3. Open the Color Board (Command + 6) and select the Color tab. Adjust the pucks as necessary. (Start with Global.)Since there is too much red in this clip, we can either add more of red’s complementary color (cyan) or we can remove some red. For simplicity, let’s remove some red.Move the Global puck along the horizontal line towards red, and then pull the puck down to remove red. Now keep an eye on the RGB parade. Look for a point where all three colors have equal peaks.4. Remove the Crop. Adjust the Color and Exposure to fine tune the image.Once you remove the crop, you’ll be able to see the total effect of the white balance on your footage. You’ll now need to hop back into the color tab and fine tune the Highlights, Midtones, and Shadows.  Here is a look at the clips after a manual balance. I could still play with the blues and greens, but I don’t need the shot to be perfect. For projects like this, there will be a final color grade that will enhance the story. But, now that I have a white balanced shot — it’s going to be a lot easier to keep a consistent look throughout the film.To follow along in video format, check out Mark Spencer’s Ripple Training tutorial here.Got any tips for white balancing in FCPX? Share them in the comments below! For some reason you can’t just simply white balance footage in Final Cut Pro X with the push of a button. Here’s a workaround that doesn’t require any plugins.Top image via ShutterstockWithout using a plugin, the workaround for white balancing in Final Cut Pro X honestly requires far too many steps. That said, it can be done relatively easily. It just requires a few editing tricks to get you there. Here are two different ways to white balance in FCPX.Automatic Color Balance in Final Cut Pro XThe first option is to use the Automatic Color Balance tool. This can be done when importing footage or after clips have been placed in the timeline. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work. When it does, it’s the fastest way to white balance footage. If if doesn’t work, you will need to manually white balance.The Final Cut Pro X color balance feature samples the darkest and lightest areas of the luma channel, and then adjusts the shadows and highlights to neutralize color casts. The issue is the balanced footage isn’t necessarily white balanced, the clip merely adjusts to maximize contrast to have the widest luma range.When importing clips, just scroll through the Media Import popup and make sure Analyze for balance color is selected.Alternatively, you can select the clip on the timeline, go to the top menu and click on Modify, select Balance Color.Like I mentioned before, this doesn’t always work for white balancing. For this specific test clip, you’ll notice how the wedding dress certainly is not white after using Automatic White Balance, so I have to white balance manually.last_img read more

8 Lies About Selling

first_imgHere are 8 lies about selling: Essential Reading! Get my 3rd book: Eat Their Lunch “The first ever playbook for B2B salespeople on how to win clients and customers who are already being serviced by your competition.” Buy Now It is enough to just be helpful. It is true that you create value by helping your buyer. You help them discover their needs. You help them determine the cause of their problems. You help them evaluate their choices and the accompanying trade-offs. Providing them with information promptly isn’t enough to help to make you a trusted advisor. You need to have chops.Selling has changed so much that . . . There is no doubt that selling has changed. And so has buying. But the core of selling hasn’t changed much. You still need to be known. You still need to be trusted. You still need to be liked. You still need to know how to help your dream client produce better results than they are now. And you still need to ask for and gain commitments.Salespeople are no longer necessary. You can buy things on the Internet. You can find information on the Internet too. But when the decision you need to make is complex, risky, and expensive, you are going to want to work with a professional.Inside sales will replace the need for field sales. Every week I get an email from a sales consultant who insists that a field sales force is unnecessary. Along with a lot of other folks, he believes that inside sales people are all that any business needs. There is no doubt that there are good reasons to drive the costs out of some sales operations. But because something is the right idea for one business doesn’t make it right for all businesses. Face to face sales isn’t going away anytime soon.The majority of buyers are engaged online. Everyone is online. Everyone is on Facebook. A lot of people are on LinkedIn. But not everyone is online engaging with salespeople. One reason this is true is that using the social tools to engage buyers isn’t easy for a lot of sales organizations. In some industries, like SAAS industries, a lot of people in a lot of different roles are engaged. But in some huge, old industries, not so much.The new “new” thing is the magic bullet. Every couple of years a new process, methodology, or technology is touted as the magic bullet. All of these processes, methodologies, and technologies are valuable. But none of them ever lives up to the hype. None of them ever turns out to be the magic bullet. Because there isn’t one.You must wait for buyer’s to engage. Waiting isn’t a strategy. It’s a particularly bad strategy for a sales organization. No matter how good your inbound marketing efforts are, it’s a bad idea to allow inbound leads to determine your destiny. You still need to target your dream clients and proactively and professionally pursue them.You must wait for buyers to ask to buy. If waiting for your dream client to engage is a bad idea, then waiting for them to tell you that they are ready to buy is an even worse idea. The idea that you need to wait for your dream client to ask you if they can buy is nonsense. You still need to ask for all of the commitments you need. If you’ve earned those commitments, you should have no hesitation about asking.last_img read more

Video: Jim Harbaugh Is Walking The Streets Of Ann Arbor, Mean Mugging With Recruits

first_imgHead coach Jim Harbaugh of the Michigan Wolverines reacts during the college football game against the Michigan State Spartans at Michigan Stadium.ANN ARBOR, MI – OCTOBER 17: Head coach Jim Harbaugh of the Michigan Wolverines reacts during the college football game against the Michigan State Spartans at Michigan Stadium on October 17, 2015 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The Spartans defeated the Wolverines 27-23. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)Michigan is hosting a contingent of recruits from the South Jersey/Philadelphia area today, including four-star tight end Naseir Upshur. It seems like the prospects are touring Ann Arbor with UM head coach Jim Harbaugh and offensive coordinator/offensive line coach Tim Drevno. Upshur posted a funny video on Twitter, featuring the group walking in Ann Arbor and a quick shot of Harbaugh with his hat pulled low, mean-mugging the camera. Four-star 2016 WR Ahmir Mitchell and four-star 2016 DE Ron Johnson are also shown, as is 2017 offensive lineman Cesar Ruiz.Once again, Harbaugh is a character.walking the Ann Arbor streets with coach Harbaugh— Pop (@NaseirUpshur) June 25, 2015Never change, coach.last_img read more

Video: Lee Corso Picks LSU To Beat Alabama By Wearing Tigers Mascot Head With Braces

first_imgLee Corso ahead of the national title game.ATLANTA, GA – JANUARY 08: Lee Corso looks on during the first quarter between the Georgia Bulldogs and the Alabama Crimson Tide in the CFP National Championship presented by AT&T at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on January 8, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)ESPN College GameDay personality Lee Corso has managed to upset yet another home fan base. Saturday morning, Corso, after playing both LSU’s fight song and Crimson Tide anthem “Sweet Home Alabama”, made his official pick by donning a Tiger mascot head. It featured braces, in honor of running back Leonard Fournette. Pretty clever.Alabama fans weren’t thrilled. If Corso is right, it’s going to be a rough night in Tuscaloosa.last_img

Bank accounts can be used to teach kids basic financial literacy lessons

first_imgOTTAWA – Omar Abouzaher remembers going to the bank with his daughter so she could make her first deposit into an account that was opened for her when she was just a toddler.The regional vice-president for the Bank of Montreal’s daughter was four when they took her piggy bank to deposit the coins.“She’s a banker at heart,” he said.While RESP accounts can help parents save for a child’s education, opening a savings account for a child can be the first step in teaching basic financial literacy, Abouzaher said.“I believe sometimes we wait too long until the kids are a bit older and try to cram all this financial information and throw it at them,” he said.Abouzaher recommends starting with teaching what it means to save and then build on that foundation.“The older they grow, they’ll understand as well the other components or the other pieces that are maybe a little bit more complex when it comes to understanding debt, understanding what it takes to pay tuition, what it takes to manage your credit,” he said.Parents hoping to teach their children the power of compound interest on their savings today will have a harder time than parents in the 1970s and 1980s, when interest paid on savings accounts soared above 10 per cent compared with rates today, when even the highest-paying savings accounts sit in the low single digits.But earning interest isn’t the only reason parents would want to help their children open a bank account of their own.Abouzaher said children can start to learn the basics of budgeting and saving for something down the road.Kids can be given a choice, he said, such as, “Do you want to spend it right now and buy whatever you want to buy … or do you want to save it and maybe look at something else in the longer run?”Parents should keep an eye on fees, just like they would with their own account, or else their children may learn an unwelcome lesson about having a bank account. While accounts for children often do not have a monthly fee, banks may charge for other services such as using a non-bank ATM, depending on where the account is opened.The amount of interest paid on savings accounts for children also varies by institution. According to rate-tracking website, youth accounts at Tangerine, the online bank owned by Scotiabank, pays the highest interest rate for young savers at 1.2 per cent compared with typically less than one per cent at the country’s big banks.At Tangerine, children hold their accounts jointly with a parent.If a parent is already a Tangerine customer they can open up an account for their child online by entering the information on the bank’s website, said Oliver Small, a senior manager at Tangerine.Small said you will need to have a social insurance number as well as one of several different pieces of ID to open the account such as a Canadian passport, a permanent resident identification or Secure Certificate of Indian Status.For children age 11 or under, parents may also use a birth certificate or a citizenship card or certificate.Small, who remembers his grandparents and parents teaching him early lessons of money management when he was a boy, said it is never too early to open an account.“Money management and financial literacy are really critical life skills and we know that if you instill good behaviours early on they can last a lifetime.”Companies in this story: (TSX:BMO, TSX:BNS)last_img read more

16 crew rescued from cargo ship that ran aground off Turkey

first_imgANKARA, Turkey — Turkish coastal emergency teams have rescued 16 crew members from a cargo ship that ran aground off the Black Sea coast of Sile in a dramatic operation that lasted several hours.The Comoros-flagged ship, Natalia, ran aground in rough seas early Wednesday en route to Istanbul from Russia.Video footage of the rescue operation showed crew members being brought to safety one-by-one with the help of a winch system extended from the shore as high waves battered the ship. At least one crew member was seen holding a suitcase while being pulled to shore.Divers and ambulances were on standby throughout the rescue operation.The Associated Presslast_img