Litigation risk update – Indirect lending and FCRA

first_imgLike all businesses, credit unions face potential litigation risks. For our industry, sometimes the lawsuits that impact banks can have an impact on credit unions later. To start the week off, I wanted to touch on two separate items to keep an eye on – plaintiffs’ attorneys targeting credit union indirect auto lending programs and litigation asserting claims under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).Indirect LendingSometimes in an indirect auto lending relationship, auto dealers can increase the interest rate on car loans a bit higher than what the borrower otherwise qualifies for and keep some or perhaps all of the difference. This is part of how dealers may be compensated, but since that could create an incentive to maximize compensation, these kinds of programs frequently have controls in place from a due-diligence perspective. NCUA issued guidance in August 2010 for all federally insured credit unions and these long-standing risk management practices and NCUA examiners in past years have carefully scrutinized credit unions’ indirect lending relationships.Through a post on the website, plaintiffs’ attorneys were specifically seeking consumers who purchased cars at auto dealers with financing provided by credit unions. The post claims that borrowers may have received loans with credit unions as “preferred lenders” but paid higher interest rates that “allows the dealership to take a cut of the interest” without that additional interest mark up being disclosed to the consumer. continue reading » ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

Restaurant in Binghamton welcomes changes in name of safety

first_imgThe most recent is a regulation from Governor Andrew Cuomo mandating that all bars and restaurants in New York State only serve alcohol to those ordering food. From limiting the number of people in the restaurant, to social distancing efforts and requiring masks to be worn, Kipp voiced frustration. “It was really tough not seeing everybody for a long time, and as they start coming back, it was really great just seeing everybody that we’ve missed,” he said. As for the Old Union, Kipp said the cooks are getting a menu prepared. While a new regulation means more changes, Kipp is all for it if it means customers can keep on coming back. “I feel like a lot of the bars and restaurants are being held to much higher standards than most other industries,” he said. However, safety measures aren’t something Kipp takes lightly. “We’re gonna abide by the rules,” Kipp said. “Our customers’ safety, our community’s safety, and my staff’s safety have always been a top priority here.” “We’re fortunate enough where that most people who come here get something to eat anyway,” he said. “It kind of makes it tough for the places who are more bars than restaurants.” Some restaurants have started selling cheap items as a way to get around the mandate, such as a bar in Saratoga Springs selling “Cuomo Chips.” For the Old Union Hotel in Binghamton, the mandate doesn’t have a big impact, but owner Adam Kipp is worried about his fellow businesses. “We’re gonna be coming up with a small bites menu that we can serve late night. It’be a little bit more than just chips,” he laughed. BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — Restaurants and bars in the Southern Tier aren’t unfamiliar with changes that have been frequent the last few months.last_img read more

Clough rides a rocket to Lincoln County winner’s circle

first_imgBy Kelly NinasNORTH PLATTE, Neb. (May 6) – Timing is everything and for the frontrunners who claimed the check­ered flags, their timing punched their ticket to the winner’s circle at Lincoln County Raceway on Saturday.Spotlighted for their drives to victory were: Brandon Clough, Dillon Schultz, Kyle Werkmeister; Brady Wein­man and Tom Baumgardner.Starting on the outside of the front row, it didn’t take long for Clough to rocket into the lead, set a blistering pace all 20 laps and claim the win in the IMCA Modified feature. Clough held off the hard-charging Colton Osborn in the waning laps.Leading the laps that mattered the most for the second time this season, Schultz earned the Karl Chevro­let Northern SportMod victory after starting in the fifth row and leading the final two laps.Weathering the storm would be an understatement when describing what Werkmeister had to deal with during the IMCA Sunoco Stock Car feature. Werkmeister started on the front row and held off all chal­lenges to claim the checkered flags.Putting on a sensational performance, Weinman of Arnold was the winner in the IMCA Sunoco Hobby Stock feature. Weinman dealt with traffic and led the final five laps.Starting up front and staying up front throughout, Baumgardner was the victor in the Mach-1 Sport Com­pact feature.last_img read more

Authorities shoot masked gunman who opened fire outside of Dallas courthouse

first_imgAuthorities in Dallas are reporting that they have shot and killed a suspect who opened fire on them outside of a courthouse.The incident occurred near the Earle Cabell Federal Building Monday around 8:30 am.According to the report, the shooter, identified as Brian Isaack Clyde was seen outside of the courthouse dressed in full tactical gear and equipped with an assault rifle and multiple magazines of ammo.Dallas Morning News photographer Tom Fox, who was at the scene as the shooting unfolded, told authorities that Clyde fired from the parking lot across the street toward  him, another man, a security guard, and a woman who was walking a golden retriever. He then walked across the street to the courthouse.Video shows Clyde engaged in a shoot out with police before he runs across the street and into a parking lot. He then collapses.Clyde was taken to an area hospital where he was pronounced dead.No one else was injured during the incident.It is unclear why the gunman targeted the federal building.“We’re looking into motive,”FBI Special Agent in Charge Matthew DeSarno said during a press conference.Authorities also detailed that Clyde was not on their watch list and that they are now searching through his social media and belongings to try and determine a motive.This is a developing story.last_img read more

Viscarra’s Vice: Ball still in spotlight even with Dodgers

first_imgAngel Viscarra | Daily TrojanAs the Dodgers clinched the National League pennant Thursday night, there was just as much chatter on sports radio about Lonzo Ball’s debut with the Lakers that same night. Sorry, Dodgers, you’ve got no right to upstage the Big Baller Brand, apparently.Before the Lakers tipped off their 2017-18 regular season against the Los Angeles Clippers last week, there was heightened speculation about what kind of night Ball would have in his official NBA debut. Coming off of a Las Vegas Summer League MVP performance over the offseason, the hype train for Ball was, understandably, a raging locomotive. Ball’s outing against the Clippers was underwhelming to many. In the Lakers’ season-opening 108-92 loss to the Clippers, Ball finished with 3 points, four assists and nine rebounds. Ball’s only points scored on opening night came on a 3-ball in the second quarter. A main contributor to Ball’s struggles was the Clippers’ scrappy, defensive-minded guard Patrick Beverley. In the 29 plays that Beverley guarded Ball Wednesday, the Lakers’ rookie remained scoreless and committed a turnover. Several sources reported that Beverley was outside the Clippers’ locker room postgame yelling, “Weak ass motherf-cker. Bring him out on the court with me, and I will tear his ass up.” Beverley commented further on his contentious game with Ball to the media, saying, “I just had to set the tone, man … I told [Ball] after the game due to all the riff raff his dad brings, that he’s going to get a lot of people coming at him. He has to be ready for that, and I let him know after the game.”Instances like these make you wonder: Did LaVar Ball do wrong by his son when he made all those preposterous statements last year and into the offseason? Did LaVar write checks that his son is simply incapable of cashing right now? Throughout the entire draft process, there was no shortage of people commenting about the massive target Lonzo would have on his back due to his father’s rhetoric. Well, according to rapper and cultural icon Snoop Dogg — who appeared on TNT’s Inside the NBA postgame — “[LaVar] put [Lonzo] in a lion’s den with some pork chop drawers on.” The analogy is fitting. LaVar’s campaign for Lonzo, as expected, is now drawing some backlash as Lonzo begins his NBA career. Ball responded to the Lakers’ season-opening loss by recording his first career double-double in just his second NBA game. An assist shy of a triple-double, Ball shined with 29 points, 11 rebounds and nine assists as the Lakers recorded their first victory of the season against the Phoenix Suns. The Lakers’ most recent contest on Sunday night saw them drop a hard-fought game against the Pelicans, 119-112. In the loss, Ball was a field goal and a pair of rebounds away from recording his first career triple-double; he finished with 8 points, eight rebounds and a new career high in assists with 13. Despite the numbers, a good majority of the NBA public is still skeptical about the player Ball is becoming. When it comes to Ball’s urgency to pass the ball to teammates, there is no questioning his merits. But the Laker faithful and the general basketball community are pleading with Ball to take a more aggressive charge to score the basketball himself. And while several metrics appear favorable for Ball, others do not. He has shot 34.8 percent from the field and 29.4 percent from beyond the arc in his first three career games. The question marks about Ball’s shot and rhythm will not cease to exist until statistics prove otherwise. One can say many things about the craze that is the Ball family — from a reality show on Facebook to $495 sneakers to pulling a 16-year-old out of high school to homeschool and train him. However, one thing is certain when it comes to the Balls: Winning reigns supreme. The ringleader of the Ball empire, LaVar, is the first to remind the media that the only statistic he is fazed by is the win-loss column. At this point, the Lakers find themselves at 1-2. If you’re someone who fully believes that LaVar has the almost supernatural ability to “call things into existence,” then you are as convinced that the Lakers will win at least 49 more games this season as you are convinced that the sky above your head is blue. Only time will tell if LaVar’s prophecy of 50 regular-season wins for the Lakers will come to fruition.One thing, on the other hand, is certain: As the Dodgers battle the Houston Astros on Wednesday night in Game 2 of the Fall Classic, Angelenos will still take time to click over to a relatively meaningless NBA regular season game, or refresh an app to check in on the Ball boy going to work against the Minnesota Timberwolves.That’s just the undeniable power of the Big Baller Brand. Enter Lonzo-mania, Los Angeles. Angel Viscarra is a junior studying broadcast and digital journalism. His column, Viscarra’s Vice, runs Tuesdays.last_img read more

“Leave your attitude for City Hall” – CoI Chairman warns Mayor

first_img…as Commission scrutinises Green’s handing of M&CCMayor of Georgetown, Patricia Chase Green, appeared before the Commission of Inquiry on Friday, where she was subjected to answer to the disqualified no-confidence motion that was filed against the Town Clerk and in that progression, was also cautioned about the tone that was used during her witness statement.Chase Green turned up to the Commission on Friday with two lawyers – Lyndon Amsterdam and Latoya Roberts – and defended the decision of the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) to toss a no-confidence motion that was filed against Town Clerk Royston King.From the Mayor’s side, an eight-page statement was tendered into evidence toTown Clerk Royston Kingdefend some of the allegations which were directed at her. However, the lone Commissioner, Justice Cecil Kennard indicated that it would be unfair to the legal assistants – Everton Singh-Lammy and Sherwin Benjamin – since they were not briefed prior to the session.Nevertheless, they proceeded to ask questions, focusing on the disqualification of the motion. The way she dealt with the matter as chair was also scrutinised and condemned since the Town Clerk was no doubt a judge in his own case.In February of 2018, the motion was filed against King by Councilor Sherod Duncan, calling for the management of City Hall to be done in a “professional and competent way by a qualified Town Clerk”.At that time, Duncan further went on to say that the Town Clerk acts in disregard to the Municipal and District Councils Act (Chap 28:01).During her testimony, Chase Green gave a recap of what transpired on March 12 when the motion was tabled and “dealt with”. King personally sought legal advice from his lawyer, Maxwell Edwards, and recommendations were read at the meeting.While Edwards had asked for several sections to be amended, Duncan refused to do so and as such, she acted upon the legal advice of the Town Clerk’s lawyer, and went forward to have the motion disqualified after deliberations by the Council.“The Town Clerk not only looked at the matter but provided legal advice to theMayor Patricia Chase Green testifying before the Commission on Friday. Also in photo is Commissioner, Justice Cecil KennardChairman who was permitted to read it aloud in the Council chambers. Councillor [Oscar] Clarke stated that the legal advice could have been sought (after concerns raised by Duncan) and the Chairman advised that the matter did not qualify and was not to be placed on the agenda.”The Mayor placed the blame on King, noting that he was the one that refused to put the motion on the agenda for the Meeting and further asked for legal advice to be sought.“After he sought the legal advice, he said that the motion should not go on the agenda. I insisted that it be placed because it was circulated (to councilors and the media).”As such, it was related that she acted upon the legal advice of the Town Clerk’s lawyer, Maxwell Edwards and then went forward to have the motion disqualified after deliberations by the Council.Justice Kennard made his intervention, noting that the Mayor should have secured independent legal advice on such an important matter since King was a “suspect”.“The Town Clerk offered legal advice in a matter where allegations were made against him? He was supposed to seclude himself from any participation. You acted on the advice on the Town Clerk. This is not a normal case. Duncan was making serious allegations.”Unsuccessful in proving her point, the agitated Chase Green said she did not accept the questions that were thrown at her by the legal assistants. At that instance, she was warned by Justice Kennard who responded, “Don’t attempt to be rude… take that sort of attitude to City Hall, not here.”The Commission was unable to advance its probe after one the Mayor’s lawyers, Lyndon Amsterdam, continued his reiteration that she did not make that decision unilaterally. In that process, he failed to recognise her initial decision of trusting Edwards’s opinion meant that King was dictating what needed to be done in an investigation that was filed against him.The Mayor’s testimony continues on Wednesday, but Royston King was subpoenaed for Monday’s public hearing.Over the past weeks, the public was given a first-class seat into the activities at the Council and most of the revelations were alarming, especially on the part of Town Clerk Royston King; City Constable Andrew Foo; City Treasurer John Douglas and the City Engineer, Colvern Venture.The hearings are expected to conclude on October 31 and necessary actions will be taken thereafter by the Commission after conclusions are drawn from the findings.last_img read more

Uganda’s Mt Elgon gets a million trees

first_imgWomen carry firewood out of a forest in eastern Uganda. Officials say a high population density in the Mount Elgon region had put a lot of pressure on the area’s ecosystem.(Image: Irin)A three-year project to increase forest cover and help local communities in eastern Uganda adapt to climate change has been launched. “The planting of one million trees has started to sustain an area of tropical forest in Africa the size of Wales,” said John Griffiths, counsel-general of the Welsh Assembly, which is supporting the project.“These trees will not only absorb carbon but provide shade for crops.”The US$1-million (R6.8-million) Territorial Approach to Climate Change project, launched in the eastern town of Mbale on 28 October 2010, is also supported by the UN Development Programme (UNDP) and the UK government. It will be implemented in the districts of Bududa, Manafwa and Mbale.“Mount Elgon’s ecosystem plays a crucial role in determining the weather in eastern, central and northern Uganda and western Kenya,” said Bernard Mujasi, the Mbale local council chairman.“We hope that by protecting and restoring the forest cover of the mountain and protecting the environment, we will help mitigate the challenge of climate change.”Lebogang Motlana, Uganda country director for UNDP, said the country was highly vulnerable to climate change as illustrated by a landslide in Bududa near Mbale, earlier this year, which left at least 300 people dead and was attributed to deforestation and unseasonable rain.Twenty-first century threatKate Wedgwood, from the UK Department for International Development, said: “We very much hope this project will enable the people of Mbale region to provide the rest of the country with a vivid example of how to creatively mitigate against the effects of climate change in a way that also contributes to economic growth.“Climate change is the biggest health threat for the 21st century, the effects are all around us – increased rainfall causing floods and drought causing hunger,” Wedgwood added.According to multinational NGO Oxfam, Uganda loses 800 000ha of crops annually to natural disasters.Most of Mbale region’s 955 247 people are subsistence farmers and are extremely vulnerable to changes in weather patterns. The region has the highest population density of 1 000 people per square kilometre and a population growth rate of 3.4% per annum.Joseph Wesuya, an official of the African Development Initiative – a community organization in Manafwa district – said high population density in the Mount Elgon region had put a lot of pressure on the area’s ecosystem.“Our environment is depleting at a fast rate; people are cutting down trees up the mountain, encroaching into wetlands,” he said. “The snow caps high on Mount Elgon are melting and you hardly see frost.”Gabriel Buyera, an official of the Shunya Yetana community conservation group in Bududa, said they had planted 1 500 tree seedlings along the slopes of Mount Elgon.last_img read more

Play Your Part Episode 25: Synopsis

first_imgThe 25th episode of the Play Your Part Television Series will air on Saturday, 10 March 2018 on SABC 2 at 18h00.This episode is anchored on pillar of active citizenship in the areas of philanthropy and humanitarian work.It features Dr Imtiaz Sooliman, founder of Gift of the Givers and Dr Kingsley Makhubela, CEO of Brand South Africa.Kabelo Mabalane, Dr Kingsley Makhubela and Dr Imtiaz SoolimanDr Sooliman has made a life through giving. He is the man behind Gift of the Givers – a South African organisation with reach far beyond our borders. Gift of the Givers provides disaster relief around the globe and is often the very first and sometimes the only aid victims of natural tragedies receive.He is in conversation with Dr Makhubela, CEO of Brand South Africa, who  encourages South Africans to continue to play their part through acts of philanthropy and humanitarian work.You can follow and join the conversation on #GetInvolvedPlay Your Part is broadcast at 18:00 on every Saturday on SABC2.Tell us how you Play Your Part through our social media channels:Follow Play Your Part on Twitter: @PlayYourPartSALike us on Facebook: Play Your PartWould you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See Using Brand South Africa material.last_img read more

BCCI toughens stand, set to challenge ICC’s decision on Jadeja

first_imgBCCI has made it clear that it is not satisfied with the verdict on Ravindra Jadeja announced by the ICCBCCI vice president Rajeev Shukla reiterated today that the board will appeal to the ICC against its decision to penalise Indian all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja for his altercation with England pacer James Anderson during the first Test at Trent Bridge.”Board will go for appeal in ICC. We will put forward our case before ICC and we hope that justice will be done with Mr Jadeja. Right now it won’t be appropriate for me to comment about it, but I think injustice has been meted out to Mr Jadeja and we will fight it out in the ICC,” Shukla said after chairing a meeting of the BCCI’s Tour Programme and Fixtures Committee.Jadeja was docked 50 per cent of his match fee by match referee David Boon for the incident with Anderson after the player was not found guilty of the original level 2 offence charged by the England team management.The incident occurred during the lunch break at Nottingham when the Indians allege that Anderson “abused” and “pushed” Jadeja as the players were making their way into the dressing rooms.The England team management, which initially described it as a “minor” incident, later filed a counter-charge.The BCCI in a statement had said it was fully behind Jadeja after Boon found the player guilty of `conduct contrary to the spirit of the game’.”The BCCI wishes to make it clear that it is not satisfied with the verdict. The BCCI reserves its right to appeal….The BCCI believes that Mr Ravindra Jadeja was not at fault, and supports him fully,” it had said.advertisementThe ICC has set aside August 1 as the date to conduct the hearing of the complaint by the Indians against Anderson.last_img