4 children among those killed in massive fire that destroyed 35 boats at Alabama dock

first_img#BREAKING: Multiple people are dead and several others are missing after a fire at the Jackson County Park in Scottsboro, Alabama. @WKRN https://t.co/eaKKjpqVIx— Josh Breslow (@JoshBreslowWKRN) January 27, 2020Nicklaus said at a news conference on Tuesday that an investigation into the cause of the fire has been launched by the Alabama fire marshal. He said the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the National Transportation Safety Board and the U.S. Coast Guard are also investigating the incident.He said some of the investigators working to find the cause of the tragedy also probed a fire on Sept. 2 that killed 34 people on a 75-foot dive boat anchored off Santa Cruz Island in Southern California.The ferocious blaze on Monday broke out around 12:40 a.m. at a marina at Jackson County Park on the Tennessee River and rapidly spread, Nicklaus said.In addition to the eight bodies recovered from the water, seven other people were injured and taken to area hospitals, Nicklaus said. He said the injuries were minor.“This kind of loss on any scale is huge, but for a small community it’s incredibly tragic and rough,” Nicklaus told ABC News.He said the 35 vessels that burned ranged from 20-foot pontoons to 40-foot houseboats that up to 21 people were using as their permanent residences. It remained unclear how many people were on the boats and the dock when the fire broke out.“That proved difficult because of the nature of people coming and going off of houseboats and not knowing how many people were staying with who,” Nicklaus said.Video footage showed a long dock with flames shooting from what appeared to be a row of houseboats.Nicklaus said when firefighters arrived, 30% of the dock was engulfed in flames. He said firefighters initially confronted “substantial access problems” in reaching people trapped by the flames.Some people escaped the fire by jumping into the frigid water, he said, and some boats sank at the dock while others broke from their moorings and sank in the lake.Nicklaus said that 17 different agencies, including the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office and neighboring fire departments, responded to the scene. Copyright © 2020, ABC Audio. All rights reserved. pkazmercyk/iStock(SCOTTSBORO, Ala.) — Four children were among the eight people killed when a massive fire swept through an Alabama marina and destroyed 35 boats, some being used as permanent residences, authorities said on Tuesday.The ages of the children who perished in Monday morning’s blaze in Scottsboro were 7, 9, 10 and 16, Jackson County Medical Examiner John Jordan told ABC News.Jordan said all of the victims have been identified, but he is not yet prepared to release the names of those who died.While the search for additional victims is ongoing, Scottsboro Fire Chief Gene Nicklaus told ABC News that “we believe that we have all the souls accounted for.”last_img read more

stock market review: former SKB chief back in business at low end

first_img Jan Leschly, the former chief executive of pharmaceuticals company SmithKline Beecham, who resigned from the company early this year, is back but this time spearheading an investment fund targeting opportunities at the bottom end of the drugs industry. Leschly has teamed up with John Parker and George Poste, both ex-SmithKline executives and David Ramsay, to launch Care Capital with $100m (£68.7m) in their war chest. Leschly and his team will be sniffing out opportunities to fund niche players. Management buy-outs are also on their shopping list. The minimum deal size is $5m (£3.4m). But Care Capital is confident that it can comfortably handle transactions in excess of $1bn (£687m) if such opportunities crop up. Care Capital, whose backers include Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Private Equity, anticipates further consolidation in the crowded pharmaceuticals industry. It expects the combination of government pressure on pricing and expansion of the frontiers of science to provide the catalyst to create areas of profitable opportunities for the niche players in the industry. BT takes a beating as mobile arm slips behind its rivalsThere was bad news for telecoms giant BT last week. The company’s mobile phone arm, BT Cellnet reported the slowest third-quarter growth in the industry, slipping way behind its main rivals, Orange, Vodafone and One2One. Market analysts are pessimistic about Cellnet’s ability to compete in the near term, given that its products are more expensive than its competitors. Many of Cellnet’s business customers are deserting it for Vodafone and Orange. Although the BT subsidiary made the biggest progress in terms of attracting Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) subscribers, analysts remain doubtful that Cellnet can maintain its competitive position in a market where price discrimination is strong. BT itself has been accused of dragging its feet in negotiations to allow its competitors to gain access to its local exchanges to pave the way for cheaper Internet charges. BT’s share price came under severe pressure last week, falling way below £6.80. Early last week, it emerged that some boardroom changes are on the cards at the company. It is immensely frustrating for the shareholders that BT continues to regress.Vodafone gains a foothold in ChinaVodafone’s share price made some recovery last week on the back of news that the company has taken a 2 per cent stake in China Mobile, paying $2.5bn (£1.7bn) for the privilege of gaining access to a market with 350 million potential customers. Also in the telecoms industry, Telewest has poached a senior executive from Orange. Bob Fuller, the highly rated chief operating officer at Orange UK’s mobile operation, is moving to Telewest to add some juice to its cable business. Orange is opening a call centre in the UK and will create at least 1,000 jobs. stock market review: former SKB chief back in business at low endOn 10 Oct 2000 in Personnel Todaylast_img read more

Police: Cold weather may have lead to street sweeper’s death

first_imgSOUTHBURY, Conn. (AP) — Police in Connecticut say Friday’s frigid weather may have contributed to the death of a street sweeper whose body was found after an early morning accident. The 47-year-old victim was discovered at about 5:30 a.m. by police responding to a report that a small sweeper vehicle had crashed into the side of a building at the Southbury Green shopping center. Police say the man was lying on the ground outside the cab of the sweeper and could have been unconscious for an extended time in temperatures hovering around 0 degrees Fahrenheit before he was found. His name was not released.last_img

Virginia House joins Senate in voting to end death penalty

first_imgRICHMOND, Va. (AP) — The state of Virginia has moved another step closer to ending capital punishment. The state House has joined the Senate in voting to abolish the death penalty. Gov. Ralph Northam supports this legislation. His signature would make Virginia the 23rd state to stop executing prisoners. It’s a dramatic shift for Virginia, which has executed nearly 1,400 people since its days as a colony. The Death Penalty Information Center says that’s more than any other state. In modern times, Virginia trails only Texas in the number of executions since the Supreme Court reinstated the death penalty in 1976.last_img

Cornell sociologist reviews microcredit industry

first_imgAssistant professor of sociology at Cornell University Paromita Sanyal spoke to an audience packed in the Hesburgh Center for International Studies on Tuesday afternoon in a lecture entitled “Credit to Capabilities: Microcredit through a Sociological Lens.” The lecture centered on Sanyal’s sociological research on the microcredit industry, which provides minimal loans to impoverished people, and its impact on women in developing nations.“Economists and anthropologists have already produced a great amount of literature on this subject, but sociology can help ask and answer a whole new host of questions” Sanyal said. “Microcredit, if you look at it sociologically, is a paradox of continuity and change.”Sociology can help determine the mechanism by which women are given agency, academic jargon for control, by the microcredit and loan process, Sanyal said. Specifically, she investigated whether women are empowered by the purely financial consequences of microloans or if the effect of association in microcredit groups leads to greater female agency.“SHGs, or self help groups, are a group-based lending model and the focus of my research” Sanyal said. “The components of SHGs include membership of between 10 and 20 people, weekly meetings and peer assessment and monitoring.”In conducting her research, Sanyal interviewed 400 female members of various SHGs in West Bengal, India.“I found that 49 percent of them gained agency by mechanisms of association, 9 percent via financial mechanisms and 42 percent gained no agency” Sanyal said.In order for financial mechanisms to increase agency, a number of preconditions must be met, including that the recipient women must maintain sole control over the loans, live in nuclear households and have husbands with weak incomes, Sanyal said.“The preconditions for success of associational mechanism are face-to-face group meetings, regular participation and strong leadership,” she said. “… Suppressing factors are household structure, cultural ideology within the community and rigid masculinity.”Sanyal said many social benefits spring from increased agency for women.“Civic participation, collective action, awareness, physical mobility and domestic power all follow from agency,” Sanyal said.Sanyal also noted a growing dichotomy in the microcredit industry between commercialized and philanthropic microloans.“Commercialized microcredit has run away from the SHG structure by treating women as individual clients with less group meetings and consequently less associational benefits,” Sanyal said.“Entrepreneurship and bargaining work for a negligible minority … but associational mechanisms are the predominant pathway to women’s agency,” she said. “Microcredit in this way can be a preventative policy for descents into poverty.”Tags: civics, International Development, Kellogg Institute, lecture, microcreditlast_img read more

Saint Mary’s art department visits Chicago

first_imgCourtesy of Julie Tourtillotte SMC students, Zoe Ricker and Elizabeth Polstra, visit Zolla-Lieberman Gallery in Chicago.Weaver was responsible for coordinating the trip this year, and connected with Wilson through the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where they both worked in the painting department.In an email, Weaver said the trip is sponsored by the Lucille R. Griffin Memorial Fund.“The fund was established in 2007 by her husband, John B. Griffin, in memory of his wife, Lucy, who was an alumna in the art department,” Weaver said in the email. The fund allows students to experience the arts in action and look into art as a career.Weaver said there were other advantages to the trip.“The trip allows those at Saint Mary’s who participate to have cultural experiences that go beyond simply viewing art,” Weaver said in the email. “The participants explore the city, its neighborhoods, its variety of food, its residents and its character. They have interactions with diverse communities and people, and grow culturally.”First year student Anna Volpe went on the trip because she hoped to see what the people at the three sites had to say, she said.“This gallery is owned and was started by two Saint Mary’s alumnae,” Volpe said in an email. “When we first arrived, we walked around the current artist show on our own and then afterwards talked with these two alumnae. It was pretty cool to hear that two art students followed their dream and opened up their own gallery where they get to host other amazing artists.”Textile artist Anne Wilson was a source of inspiration for the members of the trip, and students were also invited into Wilson’s home studio. Volpe said Wilson spoke about her own work as an artist and her journey.“The biggest piece of advice that Anne said that stood out to me was to keep going, keep pushing forward as an artist,” Volpe said in the email. “Some people may not believe in your career path, but as long as you know for certain that you want to become an artist, that’s all that matters.”Tags: anne wilson, Art Department, saint mary’s art department, Saint Mary’s College The Saint Mary’s art department recently sponsored their biannual trip to Chicago for students, faculty and any and all art lovers willing to pay $25. The trip consisted of a trip to Chicago, a visit to visual artist Anne Wilson’s studio in Evanston, Illinois, a tour of an alternative exhibition space — which this year is ZG Galleries — and a more traditional exhibition space. Participants were also given time to explore the city and suburbs.This year, the art department focused on the far North Shore area, consisting of Evanston, Edgewater and Roger’s Park, Ian Weaver, assistant professor in the art department and director of the Moreau Art Gallery, said.last_img read more

David Hunter on Nabbing the Lead in London’s Once

first_img One interesting thing is that as far as I can tell, there has yet to be a Guy who is actually fully Irish, even though it’s an Irish role. Now that you say that, I don’t think there’s a single Irish person in our entire cast at the moment. I’m from Warrington in the north of England, about half an hour from Liverpool, so the style of folk music in Once has never been far from my ears. I feel such a deep connection to this music—and this material—without being Irish. I think it’s wonderful when such dedication to a show ends up rewarded. The truth is, I was nervous about taking an understudy job in this production because I didn’t want that stigma attached. I had absolutely heard that people in that position do then tend to get overlooked when it comes to the leading part. But Guy is such a phenomenal role in my absolute favorite musical that I made it clear I wanted to be considered as more than the understudy, and fortunately, I was given that opportunity. Well, maybe it is. We’ve actually done that in rehearsal: We’ve named our Guys, but that all remains a closely guarded secret. And because we’ve named the Girls, as well, that’s been helpful to me given that I’ve now performed the show opposite five different Girls—that means it’s really alive every time. It presumably was useful watching two other men play Guy when it came to defining your take on the part. The great thing about watching both Declan and Arthur was that each was so far apart in his approach from the other, which in turn opened up this huge scale of things to do with the character. I think my Guy is quite warm underneath all the bitterness and anger, and once you start to scrape that away, you see what a huge heart he has. How was it being guided by Tony winner John Tiffany, who is in talks to direct the stage adaptation of Harry Potter in London? We see John fairly regularly. He likes to pop his head in to see if the show is in safe hands but often when we least expect it. There are nights when he will come up to me afterwards with an assessment and I think, “I wouldn’t have done certain things this performance if I’d known John was there!” [Laughs.] That must make you unusually sympathetic to your own understudy. His name is Jack Beale, and he’s a great guy. We have neighboring dressing rooms, so it’s been wonderful listening to him rehearse, and he’s going to get his chance to play the part when I’m on holiday—or if he pushes me down the stairs! [Laughs.] The ongoing success of Once is itself remarkable given how fundamentally quiet and unforced the show is. That’s what I love so much about it—it’s almost an anti-Broadway musical and yet has won all those Tonys and now a few Oliviers. Its gentle nature means that you engage with it in a different way. Instead of throwing itself at you, the piece draws you in and requires you to pay attention. From understudy to leading man—you must be thrilled to now own the role of Guy for yourself. I am! I’d probably done about 40 performances or so in the time that I was understudying first Declan Bennett and then Arthur Darvill, so it absolutely helped with first-night nerves knowing that I wasn’t going to fall flat on my face. [That performance] instead became about knowing that the show as a whole worked well and that Jill [Winternitz] felt comfortable and supported by the rest of the cast. This gig means the world to you, doesn’t it? It’s been the absolute highlight of my life so far. At this point, I can’t imagine what will top it. That’s not me being negative—it’s that I can’t imagine something grabbing me in quite this way again. In other words, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. In a way, especially since my agent said to me, “If you ever feel uncomfortable [on Superstar], walk away from it, there is no pressure.” But once it started, it kept getting better and better and turned out to be a wonderful, incredible roller coaster. It’s something I’m incredibly proud of and enjoyed thoroughly, though at the same time, I do think I’m David Hunter now. I don’t think I carried the Jesus brand very long. View Comments Were you well aware of the show before it got to London? Let’s just say that the soundtrack from the film never left my car stereo for four or five years: It was on constant loop! And although I never saw the show on Broadway, I obviously YouTube’d the hell out of it and was just so excited when the production came over. The timing also was ideal because if it had been 10 years later—or earlier—I wouldn’t have had a look in. I’m intrigued that the leading characters are called Guy and Girl—which suggests that they exist to some degree as archetypes. Yes, in that they speak to anyone who has been in love or ever longed for someone. That said, we had a funny situation at the stage door where a woman came up and said, “I really liked the main guy, Stephen,” so she at some point must have heard something or decided that my character’s name was Stephen [laughs]. David Hunter has understudied the last two guys to play Guy in the West End incarnation of the hit musical Once—but earlier this month, he nabbed the starring role for himself. The new leading man plays opposite American actress Jill Winternitz (Dirty Dancing) as Girl at the Phoenix Theatre. He’s best known as a semi-finalist in the 2012 TV reality competition show Superstar, and superstardom may not be too far off for the warm and chatty 29-year-old Englishman. Broadway.com caught up with Hunter to find out more about the new Guy in town. Before Once, you were best known for rising through the ranks on a reality show to cast the title role in Jesus Christ Superstar. Yes, and I got to the semi-finals, which was an incredible experience. The truth is, prior to Superstar I had looked down on those sorts of programs. But I had auditioned for Rock of Ages and come down to the last two and not gotten the role, so my fear was that the show would come around again and there would be 10 Jesuses lined up before me so I had better get in there!last_img read more

ACI marinas achieved a significant increase in revenue

first_imgAccording to financial indicators, the Company ACI dd in the first 9 months of 2017 generated total revenues in the amount of HRK 165,1 million, and revenues are at the same level as last year. Expenditures are also at the same level compared to the observed period last year and amount to HRK 131,7 million.The events that had a significant impact on business in the first 9 months of 2017 relate to the complete reconstruction of the ACI marina Rovinj and the construction of a travel elevator pool in the ACI marina Dubrovnik, point out the ACI, adding that given the fact that average revenues marinas Rovinj in recent years have been at a level of approx. HRK 11 million, it can be said that during 2017, other ACI system marinas achieved a significant increase in revenues and thus fully compensated for the absence of the mentioned revenues of the ACI marina Rovinj.Operating revenues (revenues from nautical activities – annual, monthly, daily berths, leases and other services to boaters) were realized in the total amount of HRK 156,4 million, of which revenues from annual berths amounted to HRK 70 million (decrease of 3%), revenues from daily (transit) connections amount to HRK 53,5 million (increase of 5%), while revenues from monthly connections amount to HRK 8,6 million (increase of 16%). Revenue from leases and ancillary activities amounts to HRK 12,6 million (an increase of 11%) while revenues from other services to boaters amount to HRK 9,8 million (an increase of 5%).According to the type of service, on the annual berth in ACI marinas on 30.09.2017. There were 3.427 vessels (decrease of 2%), a total of 98.827 ships of days in transit (decrease of 4%), and a monthly increase of 24% in months. “Based on data on physical indicators, 1% more boat days were achieved compared to the same period last year. Since ACI marina Rovinj in 2016 carried 8,8% of ship days, it is clear that physical indicators indicate growth compared to comparable period. ” stand out from the ACI marina.During 2017, ACI dd continued to make significant investments in marinas within the system, all with the aim of raising the quality of service provision.ACI marina Rovinj – investment of 160 million kunaThe most significant investment project in 2017 is the complete reconstruction of the ACI marina Rovinj, which is planned to be completed in 2018, when the renovated marina should start operating.ACI marina Rovinj, which is currently undergoing a complete reconstruction in the land and sea. The project is worth 160 million kuna and after the completion of the works will represent a significant step forward in the standards of nautical tourism in Croatia. In the sea part, the reconstruction envisages the division of the waters into two “basins”, one of which will be partly used for charter and transit vessels of smaller dimensions during the summer period. The new marina will have a capacity of 196 berths on which it will be able to accommodate ships with an average length of 17 meters, instead of the current 11 meters. Yachts up to 35 meters long will be able to be accepted for the annual berth, and in transit larger vessels for which a dozen berths will be provided.Other significant investments during the first nine months of 2017 include the construction of a travel elevator pool that was put into operation during the season, and a newly renovated golf course in the ACI marina Dubrovnik, the reconstruction of concrete piers and electricity in the ACI marina Vodice, reconstruction of pedestrian areas and indoor terraces of the restaurant in the ACI marina Umag and the reconstruction of the reception in the ACI marina Milna. “Based on all the above indicators, it can be said that the 2017 season was extremely successful for ACI dd ”conclude from the ACI marina.Related news:FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY IN CROATIA, 100 MILLION NIGHTS WERE ACHIEVEDlast_img read more

Qatar to lift lockdown in four phases from June 15

first_imgQatar will start lifting coronavirus restrictions under a four-phase plan starting on June 15, when some mosques can reopen and flights can depart, government spokeswoman Lulwa Rashed al-Khater said on Monday.She told a news conference the second phase of easing the lockdown would start on July 1, the third on Aug. 1 and the fourth on Sept. 1.Restrictions could be reimposed or the stages delayed if necessary, Khater added. The second phase will allow a partial opening of restaurants and the third will permit the resumption of flights from low-risk countries and the reopening of shopping malls and markets with limited capacity.Priority on flights will be given to holders of residency visas, she said.Everyone entering Qatar will be required to undergo a two-week quarantine in specially designated hotels at their own expense.The fourth phase will allow all mosques to resume normal operation and for flight schedules to be expanded. Wedding parties, business gatherings such as exhibitions, and the reopening of theatres and cinemas will be permitted. Topics :center_img The fourth phase will also include the lifting of restrictions on educational institutions in time for the new academic year, Khater said.Qatar reported 1,368 new coronavirus cases and three deaths on Monday, bringing the total to 70,158 cases including 57 deaths.It has the second-highest number of cases after Saudi Arabia in the six countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), which have recorded 279,662 cases of infection and 1,455 deaths.last_img read more

Premier League reform plan looks like power grab, UK minister says

first_imgAsked on Sky News if the proposal was a good plan or a power grab, Oliver Dowden, the minister for culture, media and sport, said: “I fear it’s the latter and I’m quite sceptical about this.”He added: “If we keep having these back room deals going on, we’ll have to look at the underlying governance of football. We promised in the manifesto a fan led review, and I must say the events that I’ve seen in the last few weeks have made this seem more urgent again.”The plan, which has been backed by the EFL, has already drawn opposition from the Premier League on the grounds that a number of individual proposals within it could have a damaging impact on the game.The Football Supporters’ Association (FSA) has also opposed the plan.”Unless the clubs, the Premier League and the EFL can get together urgently… it does raise genuine questions about the governance of the sport,” Dowden added.”I’m sure many fans … will be thinking to themselves why can’t this sport get its act together at the Premier League and the EFL level in order to help.”Topics : The minister who oversees sport in Britain said on Monday he feared a plan by Liverpool and Manchester United to restructure the English Premier League was a power grab that could prompt a deeper look at the governance of the sport.The two clubs are backing a plan to radically change the Premier League’s structure, giving more power to the big clubs, reducing it to 18 teams from 20 for the 2022-23 season, and scrapping the League Cup and Community Shield.The plan would see the Premier League commit to providing 25 percent of the league’s revenue to English Football League (EFL) clubs and a 250 million pounds ($326 million) rescue fund to help with the immediate impact of the COVID-19 crisis.last_img read more